Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed New

TatArtist Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed
TatArtist Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed
TatArtist Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed
TatArtist Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed
TatArtist Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed
TatArtist Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed
TatArtist Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed

Spacious Adjustable Reclinin Tattoo Client Bed New

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Adjustable Reclining Tattoo Client Bed

  • Product parameters:
  1. L: 75.98"
  2. W:22.63"
  3. H:23.22-28.74"
  4. Back Length: 30.7", Width: 18.3"
  5. Seat Length: 20.66", Width: 22.63"
  6. Leg Length: 23.22", Width: 22.63"
  • Parameters of the adjustment function
  1. Backrest: 0-76°
  2. Seat recline: 4°
  3. Legs: 0-55°
  4. Overall lifting: 23.22-28.74"
  5. Whole Bed Overall rotation: 360°


  • Backrest features:
  1. Multi-functional and full-range adjustment: This tattoo guest chair offers a wide range of angle adjustments for the backrest. Users can adjust the angle of the backrest from 0 to 76 degrees according to their personal needs, allowing for comfortable support and suitable posture.
  2. Convenient and effortless: The chair is designed to be convenient and effortless, allowing users to easily adjust the position of the backrest without exerting excessive force or complicated operations. This convenience allows guests to freely adjust the chair while seated, achieving optimal comfort and enhancing their enjoyment of the tattoo process.
  3. Rust-resistant: The tattoo guest chair is made of materials that are resistant to rust, ensuring durability for long-term use. This rust-resistant feature effectively extends the lifespan of the chair, maintaining its appearance and functionality in excellent condition. Whether in a humid environment of a tattoo studio or exposed to water, this chair's resistance to rust ensures its longevity and preserves its quality.
  4. Hard alloy construction: The chair is constructed with hard alloy, making it sturdy and durable. The material characteristics of the hard alloy enable the chair to withstand significant weight and pressure, ensuring the safety and stability of guests during use. Regardless of heavy-weight bearing or adjustments during the tattoo process, the hard alloy structure of this chair provides robust support, allowing guests to feel secure and comfortable.
  • Hydraulic pump features:
  1. Sturdy: The hydraulic pump is designed to be robust and reliable, capable of withstanding prolonged use and frequent high-intensity operations. It is made of durable materials and features a sturdy structure, ensuring it can withstand various pressures and usage conditions in a tattoo studio environment.
  2. Durable: The hydraulic pump is carefully designed to have a long lifespan and durability. It can withstand repeated up and down adjustments and frequent use while maintaining stable and reliable performance. Whether on busy workdays or during long-term use, the hydraulic pump can consistently maintain efficient operation.
  3. Smooth sliding: This hydraulic pump exhibits excellent sliding performance, ensuring a smooth lifting process. Users can easily adjust the height of the chair without exerting excessive force or experiencing unnecessary friction. This smooth sliding capability contributes to a more comfortable and precise adjustment experience.
  4. Strong load-bearing capacity: The hydraulic pump has a powerful load-bearing capacity, capable of withstanding significant weight and pressure. Whether it is the tattoo artist or the guest, they can experience stable support and a safe seating environment during use. This load-bearing capacity ensures the reliability and stability of the chair, providing better working conditions for tattooing.
  •  Sponge Features:
  1. High Rebound Sponge: The chair is equipped with a high rebound sponge that offers exceptional comfort and support. It quickly regains its shape, ensuring optimal cushioning during tattoo sessions.
  2. Strong Resilience: Our chair's sponge has remarkable resilience, ensuring long-lasting durability. It can withstand frequent use without losing its plushness, providing reliable comfort for years to come.
  3. Heat Dissipation: Designed with excellent heat dissipation properties, the chair allows for efficient airflow, preventing heat buildup and ensuring a cool and comfortable experience for both the artist and the client.
  4. Breathable: The chair's breathable construction enhances airflow, preventing moisture and promoting ventilation. This feature keeps the skin feeling fresh and comfortable, even during longer tattoo sessions.
  • Multi-functional Adjustability:
  1. 360° Rotation: The chair offers a full 360° rotation feature, allowing artists to access different angles effortlessly. This enables enhanced flexibility and precision, making tattooing procedures more efficient and convenient.
  2. Leg Tilt Adjustment (0-55°): With the ability to adjust the leg tilt from 0 to 55 degrees, clients can find the perfect position for their comfort. This feature helps reduce pressure on the legs and promotes relaxation during tattoo sessions.
  3. Seat Tilt (4°): The chair's seat can be tilted 4°, offering improved posture and added comfort for clients. This feature ensures that clients can maintain a relaxed and comfortable position throughout longer tattoo sessions.
  4. Comfort for All: These exceptional features not only prioritize the comfort of the client but also provide a comfortable working environment for tattoo artists. The chair's adjustability and ergonomic design enable artists to work with ease, enhancing their overall experience.

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