Napa Salon Furniture Set

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    Introducing the stunning NAPA Salon Furniture Set by Mayakoba! This incredible collection offers a wide array of options for both manicure tables and reception desks, making it the perfect choice for any modern nail salon. Featuring a trendy color scheme of white with stylish silver or gold accents, the Napa Salon Furniture Set is sure to impress.

    One of the standout features of the Napa Nail Tables is the inclusion of a complete ventilation system, which ensures that your salon meets the highest standards of hygiene and health. The Napa Reception Tables are just as impressive, with each piece featuring a stunning marbled top, LED lighting, and/or mosaic front décor in a variety of shapes to suit your preferences. 

    5 products
    Mayakoba NAPA Manicure Table (White & Silver) White&Gold / Standard Table JAT-NTBL-111-WTGD-KIT
    White&Silver White&Gold
    NAPA Manicure Table
    from $499
    Mayakoba NAPA Manicure Table w/ Ventilation System JAT-NTBL-112-WTSL-KIT-V
    NAPA Manicure Table w/ Ventilation System
    Mayakoba NAPA Curve Reception Table JAT-NRTBL-132-WTSL
    NAPA Curve Reception Table
    Sold Out
    Mayakoba NAPA Square Reception Table JAT-NRTBL-131-WTSL
    NAPA Square Reception Table
    Mayakoba NAPA Square Reception Table with LED JAT-NRTBL-133-WTGD-KIT
    NAPA Square Reception Table with LED
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