Seneca Salon Furniture Set

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    3 products
    Mayakoba Seneca Pedicure Trolley Cart Ash Wood KAM-NTRLY-124-LGTWD
    Ash Wood Ash Grey
    Seneca Pedicure Trolley Cart
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    The Seneca Salon Furniture Set by Mayakoba is a coordinated set of manicure tables and trolleys designed specifically for manicure and pedicure. Ideal for nail salons, beauty salons and spas, this set is made with durable hardwood and finished with acetone resistant coating to ensure that your salon furniture looks great even after years of use.

    The Seneca Furniture Set is white with wooden/grey accents giving it a clean and classy look. It is available in two accent colors for you to choose.


    The Seneca Nail Furniture Collection includes:

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