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Nail Salon Chairs, Salon Technician Chairs & Stools, Pedi Stools, Nail Customer Chair, & Nail Salon Equipment.

At, we offer a wide variety of beauty and nail salon chairs and furniture to help you provide your clients the most enjoyable customer experience possible. Our selection includes some of the best pedicure chairs, pedicure stools, customer chairs and stools, reception chairs, and nail technician chairs available on the market today. We also carry a wide assortment of dryer chairs, shampoo chairs, and hair styling chairs. We offer salon equipment and client pedicure chairs individually or in package deals that could help you save thousands of dollars! 

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Professional is the key word when it comes to our salon furniture and equipment. Our selection includes the top-of-the-line fancy chairs to the basic barber chair for a quick hair cut, assuring that we have the right spa chair for any need in your beauty salon, hair salon, nail salon, or barber shop. No matter your budget, we can fill every need in salon chairs!

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