Dermalogic - Hot Stone Massage Kit 45 Pcs

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Hot Stone Massage Kit for Salons

Increase the massage offerings at your spa by incorporating hot stones. This Polish Stone Set includes 45 stones in small, medium and large sizes that come in a professional wooden box to keep your stones organized. The small stones are sized for the face and neck area, the medium ones are perfect for the hands and arms and the large stones are intended for the back and legs. The heat helps relax muscles, in addition to relieving stress and enhancing the relaxing experience of a massage. Each stone is hand-ground and polished from natural basalt into a smooth, flat, even shape that expertly holds heat and sits on the body. Offer stone massages for your next appointments.

Hot Stone Massage Kit Details

- 12 Big Stone (Back, Leg)
- 14 Middle stone (hands, arms)
- 19 Small stone ( forehead, neck, face )
- Total: 45 stones

- Net Weight: 15 lbs
- Length: 8.5"
- Width: 13.5"
- Height: 3"

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