Floor Lamps

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    We have handpicked different types of floor lamps for beauty and tattoo professionals. Either for mobile beauticians, lashers, brow techs, tattoo artists or even Vloggers, this would be your final stop to satisfy your spa and tattoo studio needs. 

    Our range of floor lamps offer a choice of effective lighting options and attractive designs that enhance any professional environment. We have lamps that are perfect for working when sitting on a chair, others for people working at a desk and for those who work over a beauty treatment bed. Our floor lamps have long arm reach and are easy to move around.

    All our lamps use high quality, daylight LEDs to ensure a bright light with high levels of contrast and perfect color-matching. Most are dimmable. They are designed with the needs of the user in mind and can easily be positioned exactly where the light is needed.

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