DERMALOGIC Autoclave Sterilizer

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DERMALOGIC Autoclave Sterilizer

Autoclave Sterilizer by Dermalogic

Details & Specs:

  • Table top Autoclave Sterilizer w/ Automatic Door Pressure Lock

  • Stainless Steel Sterilization Implement Box included

  • Variable sterilization pressure setting available

  • Chamber Capacity: 16 Liters

  • Power Rating: 120V, 60Hz, 12 AMP

  • Overall Dimension: 19" W x 18" D x 16" H

  • Gross Weight: 90 LBS

  • Net Weight: 75 LBS

The best way to sterilize your salon tools with an autoclave is to use a Sterilization Pouch. Place the item you want to sterilize in the pouch and sanitize them. There are printed indicators on the sterilization pouch that help you monitor the sterilization process.

Keen Essential’s Sterilization Pouch is a fantastic pouch to consider to this end. It is made using sturdy paper and film and it has indicators that monitor the sterilization process with steam, vapor, or ethylene oxide. The Keen pouches also feature a self-sealing strip to make the sterilization process more convenient and efficient. It offers a triple seal for maximum protection.


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