Manicure Tables - Single, Double & Triple Nail Stations

Function & Style at Great Prices

Shop for professional-use manicure tables for your beauty salon or nail salon at very affordable prices. At, we offer a wide selection of high-quality single, double, and triple manicure stations for salons of all sizes. We also offer collapsible, portable manicure tables for traveling nail technicians.

Key Manicure Table Features

  • Ventilation. Manicure tables can come with or without an Exhaust Inlet, which captures and carries away dust, nail particles, and chemical vapors that are generated as a manicurist works. Exhaust Inlets allow harmful particles and vapors to be vented through ductwork to the outdoors to help ensure a fresher salon experience.
  • Acetone-Proof. Choosing a tabletop with an acetone-proof finish helps prevent wear-and-tear caused by nail polish remover and other chemicals. 
  • Compatibility with Tools. Most manicure tables can easily be equipped with a table LED lamp and include a built-in bottle organizer for storing supplies, a comfortable armrest, and a nail drill compartment. 
  • Storage Space. Look for enough storage space including drawers and open compartments to store all the necessary items and maximize your efficiency.
  • Ergonomic Convenience. With just-the-right-height and width of the table, as well as the left- and right-hand storage, manicure tables are ergonomically convenient for a technician’s daily work.
  • Movement. Mobile manicure desks come with casters so that you can flexibly move anywhere as you need. Worried about skidding? Just ensure you get a table with locking casters to keep you where you need to be.

Our selection of manicure stations include popular models such as Avon, Berkeley, Fiona, Glasglow, Verona, and the best-selling Sonoma. Be sure to browse our entire line of manicure tables for sale to choose the right one to complement your salon's decor and atmosphere.

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