FORNEY Facial Steamer

ShopSalonCity SKU: DON-FCAPP-201
ShopSalonCity FORNEY Facial Steamer DON-FCAPP-201

FORNEY Facial Steamer

ShopSalonCity SKU: DON-FCAPP-201
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A Facial Steamer for Spa Salon Professional Treatments

The FORNEY facial steamer provides warm steam that is used to cleanse pores and rejuvenate tired skin. Is also uses a UV light to prevent contamination and features a rotating head for functionality. Additionally, it features a large glass water reservoir enclosed in acrylic to prevent breakage.

There are many benefits to the warm vapor from the Forney facial steamer. They include, but are not limited
to the following

  1. Vapor softens dead surface cells. This allows for easy removal of cells during
  2. massages and brush therapy.
  3. Vapor contributes to proper cleaning of skin cells by opening the follicles.
  4. Vapor penetrates deep into the follicles softening deposits of grease, blackheads, makeup and dirt. 

Specifications & Features 

  • Vaporizer with timer and adjustable spray arm.
  • Independent controls for steamer.

The facial vaporizer is considered by many estheticians to be the most important electric apparatus used in the field of esthetics. The benefits of the lukewarm vapor mist are many when diffused on the skin’s surface. They include the following :

1. The vapor mist softens dead surface cells so they can be sloughed off during massage or during the brushing procedure.

2. The warm humid mist aids in opening the follicles so that they can be properly cleansed.

3. The vapor penetrates deep into the follicles to soften deposits of grease, blackheads, makeup and dirt so that this debris can be removed with ease.

4. The vapor mist helps the pores to eliminate toxins.

5. The vapor mist increases blood circulation by causing the blood vessels to expand.

6. The action of the vapor improves cell metabolism.


1. Pour distilled water into the beat-resisting glass jar through filler spout. Do not fill it over the red-line.

2. Turn switch on then the vapor mist will diffuse from the vapor nozzle after 5-10 minutes.

3. Then turn on the switch “OZONE” for lighted up the ozone lamp, so as to spurt the IONATION vapor mist. And adjust the timer (which only T-909 and M-1 have\his settle).

4. Adjust distance of steam nozzle from client in accordance with skin condition.

5. When water exhaust up to the lowest safety level the alarm will loud. And then turn off switch first before filling more water to start.

6. The appropriate vapor mist direction should be from lower chin to the whole face. 


1. Fill the heat resistant glass jar with distilled water. To do this pour distilled water through the fill spout. Do not fill above the red line.

2. Turn the timer on. Once the timer is on, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to create steam.

3. Push the ozone switch on to use the ozone feature.

4. Use the adjustable arm to position the steam as needed.

5. When water is low, turn the machine off before refilling


1. Assemble the legs together according to the middle cutouts.

2. Place the claw a top the legs.

3. Take the base post and fit it into the claws upper cavity.

4. Flip the Leg-Claw–Post assembly upside down. This will allow you to tighten the mounting plate, lock washer, and washer with the bolt to the Leg-Claw-Post assembly.

5. Turn your assembled base unit over so that the casters are sitting on the floor. Then place the extension post into the base post.

6. Tighten the extension post at the desired. Then Place the body of the steamer on top of the extension post. You might tighten the extension post to the base post first. 

7. Your steamer is now ready to operate.


1. Before cleaning, turn off the unit and unplug from the wall.

2. Use a distilled water and white vinegar solution (one cup vinegar to one quart water) to clean the jar and heating element. The glass jar and heating element should be cleaned once a week.

3. If the heating element needs to be scrubbed, it is best to use a soft metal brush.


1. Turn off the steamer and unplug from the wall

2. Remove the Arm Cap as well as the steam cap. Inside the Steam Cap there will be a Steam Filter. Remove the Steam Filter as well.

3. Remove the two Arm Faces from the arm. To do this, remove the two screws that were covered by the Arm Cap. Then remove the two screws at the bottom of the Arm Faces.

4. Once the faces are off, turn the bulb, remove and replace.


1. To remove the glass jar for cleaning, unlatch the plexiglass cover surrounding the jar.

2. The glass jar is held in place by a mount plate. Loosen the mounting plate and turn the plate so that it is no longer under the jar.

3. The jar is now ready to be removed.

4. When placing the jar back on the steamer make sure the gasket is in its correct place.


1. Vaporizer will turn off automatically when the water is less than 1/3 Volume.

2. Distillable water should be used in the vaporizer. The use of tap water will eventually cause malfunction of the machine, due to calcium and mineral deposits.

3. The glass jar and heating elements should be cleaned once a week by filling with a solution of distillable water and white vinegar (one cup white vinegar to one quart water), and it will be cleared overnight. The glass jar is empty and rinsed then stored until ready for use.

4. Please use the soft metal-thread brush for eliminated when the heating elements stuck with some material of lime.

5. If steamer is not in operation be sure the unit is off and unplugged from the wall

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