Pedicure Chairs - Stylish, Professional Grade & High Quality Pedicure Spa Chairs 

Your success is our main goal. We are the purveyors of all types of professional pedicure chairs and salon chairs for customers and technicians. We offer a wide variety of styles, colors, functions and options all designed for the customer’s ultimate comfort and enjoyable spa experience. 

At, we specialize in Pedicure Spas, Pedicure Chairs, Shiatsulogic Massaging Chairs, Spa Parts as well as a extensive selection of Beauty Salon Equipment and Furniture. You may also customize your pedicure chairs to match your beauty salon décor and atmosphere.

Be sure to browse through our entire line of nail salon equipment for some of the best Pedicure Chairs on the market today! They are incredibly easy to operate and provide lounging with full-function massage options in addition to whirlpool systems and pull-out sprayers. Luscious bubbles will soothe, massage and soften weary feet, erasing fatigue and discomfort. Your patrons will continue to feel the invigorating effects long after they walk out your door!

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