KAROLINE Mannequin Head- 100% Synthetic Blonde Hair

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KAROLINE Mannequin Head

Karoline Mannequin Heads are Top Quality Mannequin Heads with 100% Synthetic Hair Blonde Hair. Each Hair Strand is 20" long. It is designed with True Human head size with actual human hair growth pattern in mind. Perfect for Cutting, Braiding, Up-dos, Setting and all kinds of Hair-Styling Training. DO NOT USE for bleaching or dyeing.
This Mannequin Head is ideal for every cosmetologist who is trying their best to design new style to meet customers' needs or even for a New Hair styling student looking forward to learn the art of Hair-styling in Beauty Schools. We specialize in producing all kinds of high quality training heads.


  • 100% Synthetic Hair. Blonde Hair Color
  • Length of Individual Hair strand = 20 inches
  • Ideal for Braiding, Cutting, Hair Setting, Up-dos, Straightening and Hair-styling practice. Do Not Use for Bleaching or Dyeing
  • Designed with Actual Human Head size and Hair Growth Pattern in mind
  • Perfect for Hair-Styling Training, Cosmetology, Beauty Schools, Hair students or Hair salon use

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