How to Choose the Best Hair Styling Chairs for Your Hair Salon

How to Choose the Best Hair Styling Chairs for Your Hair Salon

Nothing beats a comfortable chair. Whether it's the desk chair you sit glued in all day, the sofa chair you relax in in the evenings, or the salon styling chair where you come to get pampered, comfort is crucial. When you are sitting in a chair for a significant period of time, you want to ensure your back is well supported and you are entirely comfortable - and this is what you want for your clients too.

There are many hair salon chairs on the market, and finding the right salon chair for your spa or hair salon is quite a task. You have to be careful about choosing a low-quality chair that looks good, or one that's comfortable for the client but just not practical for your stylists. You need the right fit for your client, your stylist, your space, and your budget.

How to Choose Your Next Set of Salon Styling Chairs


Top of the list is usually your client's comfort; it's one of the most essential factors to consider when choosing a hair salon chair. So that means you need to focus on lumbar support, high-density foam, quality pump, and possibly a wide salon chair to accommodate clients of all sizes. If you offer services that run on for a few hours, you don't just want your client to be okay; you really want them to be comfortable. If they are not comfortable, not only will you be dealing with them moving around a lot, making a stylist's work more difficult, but they may choose not to come back again.

Stylist's Needs

Considering your stylist's comfort is also very important. Hairstyling and other salon work are physically demanding on stylists, so the salon chairs shall be able to be easily and smoothly adjusted according to their needs. A salon chair with a hydraulic base that can adjust to each stylist's height, and cleanup simplicity is vital.


Now here's where the budget comes in. There are many, many high-quality salon styling chairs to choose from. If you feel completely out of your depth, going for a reputable brand is always a good place to start.If you are working with a smaller budget, just remember to consider your hair salon chair purchase as a long-term investment for your salon. Your salon styling chairs are a strong representation of your salon's quality, and luckily there are many mid-price, good-quality options available too.


Don't forget to find out what materials the salon styling chair is made of. As mentioned, you want an easy-to-clean material, so keep away from fabric and instead look for long-lasting vinyl options. Chrome is very durable and modern in design. And if you can find a salon chair with an open back that you like, even better, as this allows you to remove hair easily, keeping your salon sanitary.


Firstly, what kind of style does your salon or spa have - modern, classic, retro? This should have a big impact on the color and style of the salon styling chair you choose. Salon services are creative in nature, offering clients a form of art you could say; you don't want to drop the ball when it comes to your salon chairs' aesthetics. Every piece of salon equipment is talking to your salon or spa's personality. Once you have chosen the hair salon chair that fits all the criteria, find out if you can customize it in colors that suit your salon's overall style.

There are many salon styling chairs on the market. Just make sure you narrow down the specifics you need for your salon in order to find the right salon chair for your hair salon or spa.

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