How to Pick the Best Salon Customer Chairs and Stools

How to Pick the Best Salon Customer Chairs and Stools

When your customers walk into your salon, you want to be confident that they are taken care of. That means comfortable seating for them and you. Whether they are getting their nails or hair done or getting a tattoo, you want to make sure that everyone is comfortable. 

Whether you’ve owned a salon for a long time or are just starting out, finding a quality salon customer chair and client chair and stool are likely at the top of your list. 

At Shop Salon City, there are experts here to help guide you into making the right purchase for you. 

What to Consider When Purchasing Chairs and Stools for Your Salon

Chairs and stools come in a wide variety of different styles and features. It is good to know what works best for your salon and customers. 

Questions to consider include:

  • Are they easy to clean and disinfect?
  • Are they comfortable for customers?
  • Are they comfortable for employees?
  • Do they have any special features or add-ons?
  • Do they go well with your salon setup?
  • Do they fit into your budget?
  • Are they easy to repair and maintain?

Benefits of Purchasing High-quality Technician Stools and Client Chairs

Like anyone first starting or wanting to change up their salon, investing in chairs and stools is necessary. 

There are many benefits when it comes to purchasing high-quality technician stools and client chairs. 

These include:

  • More professional look
  • Better support
  • More features
  • Fits to your body and needs
  • More comfort
  • Mobility 

Different Chairs and Stools for Different Professional Usages

Based on different professional usages, these are the main categories of salon chairs and stools:

  • Barber Chair/Styling Chair/All Purpose Chairs: these are the typical client chairs for hair salons and barber shops. We have a separate article explained in depth and great details about how to choose these salon chairs, check it out this article under our Salon Advice: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT HAIR SALON EQUIPMENT
  • Customer Chair: customer chairs look very similar to office chairs and of course you can use them as office chairs for your staff as well, but they will also serve with some specially designed features for both the client and the nail tech to maximize the comfort of the manicure process, for instances, the customer chair’s backrest is reclinable for client’s best comfortable posture; the seat height can be adjusted to the perfect height to work with your manicure table; the armrests of the customer chair are also adjustable for the best practice of a manicure service; the leather/upholstery is made of acetone resistant material and very easy to clean and maintain; the pump and casters are heavy duty and can be moved around smoothly… 
  • Manicure Technician Chair or Technician Stool: the technician stools such as our TOTO and DAYTON, are on top of our best seller list for professional nail salons welcomed by thousands of nail technicians just because they’ve made their everyday work easy and comfy.  
  • Pedicure Technician Stool or Pedicure Stool: if we use one word to describe the pedicure stools - they are “Short”. Those short technician stools are specifically designed for nail techs sitting by the pedicure spa tub to provide pedicure service. You would want them be 1) able to be lowered to the pedicure tub footrest height for your easy working on the pedicure arts; 2) flexible and smoothly to move around; 3) with high density thick cushion and backrest to support you over a long day; 4) with acetone-resistant vinyl to prevent spills or drips from ruining the stool; and 5) featured in adjustable height with durable pneumatic lift pump.     
  • Esthetician Stool for Spa: esthetician stools are mainly for spa technician’s usage, such as doing eyelash, makeup, facial, tattoo, etc.  They should be ergonomically-designed to keep the beauty therapists pain-free from one appointment to the next. They often come with a saddle seat design with an adjustable height of 21” to 28” to make sure it’ll provide the best thigh support to the technicians.
  • Tattoo Artist Chairs/Stool: As tattoo sessions can last for hours, the importance of ergonomics design of a tattoo artist chair cannot be emphasized more. Unique shape specially designed for tattooing, solid steel construction, dense padding with textured upholstery, are the top key features when we produce and source the best tattoo artist chairs for you. 

The Best Salon Chairs and Stools for You 

Now that you know what to consider when buying salon chairs and stools, it is time to start looking for some. Luckily, Shop Salon City has everything you need.

Short Pedicure Technician Stool - The Dayton

This short pedicure stool offers you the flexibility to get in the right position for your work. Adjustable and mobile, with padded memory foam on the back and seat cushion, you will have perfect comfort with this back support stool for technicians.

UMI Salon Pedicure Stool

Designed to position you at the perfect height for your clients to provide the pedicure service, the firm backrest will keep your spine from hurting and the padded cushions will leave you feeling comfortable all day. The five wheels make it easier for you to move around.

Ruby Red Adjustable Rolling Swivel Salon Stool

This stool is not only a good choice for a technician, but it can also be versatile and used in any setting. As a heavy-duty stool, it is a good helper for your business or a great pop of color in your home.

Delia Pedicure Technician Stool 

A heavy-duty, large technician stool designed for style but leaves you comfortable throughout any session.

TOTO Multi-Purpose Salon Stool

A high-quality, stylish, and comfortable stool that features deep cushions and has added protection against spills.

Dayton Manicure Technician Stool

An elegant and sophisticated stool that can be adjusted, is resistant to spills, has five wheels, and provides all-around comfort. The perfect match for anyone.

KELLY Saddle Milt-Purpose Salon Stool

The adjustable stool will prevent shoulder and neck strain while the chrome ring provides a handy footrest. 

TERRELL Salon Universal Stool

A simple and easy-to-maneuver salon stool that can be stored away, is resistant to spills, and provides optimal comfort.

Saddle Beauty Salon Swivel Chair with Backrest

Designed for extra comfort on your back and spine, this chair helps maintain good posture while producing higher productivity.

Saddle Beauty Salon Swivel Chair without Backrest

This stool is simple to assemble and use as much as possible in any setting.

AVION Nail Salon Customer Chair

Built for customer comfort, it offers great back and leg support, and the armrests are perfect for when getting a manicure.

 Delia Manicure Nail Salon Customer Chair

This ideal customer chair creates comfort regardless of how you adjust it.

 VERSA Customer Chair

This simple design will go with any décor and leave customers at the perfect height.

Your Future Salon Stools and Chairs Are Waiting for You

Buying new salon stools and chairs shouldn’t be a stressful task. You want to make sure you get everything you are looking for and more. 

If you don’t know where to start, there’s no need to look any further. 

At Shop Salon City, getting high-quality pieces is only a click away. Contact us today.