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    3 products
    LINA Portable Shampoo Bowl Sink - Height Adjustable
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    OLYMPIA Pedestal Shampoo Station
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    Salon Shampoo Bowls That are High Quality, Professional Grade, and Built To Last!

    Our salon shampoo bowls are to a beauty salon as instruments are to an orchestra—neither a beauty salon nor an orchestra could operate without their necessary 'tools of the trade'! And just like higher-quality instruments offer beautiful music, so too, higher-quality shampoo bowls from offer the kind of beauty and endurance that beauty salon owners have come to know and  expect, world-wide! has been in the Health, Spa, and Beauty equipment and supplies industry for more than 40 years and because of our seasoned insight and expertise, we offer only those beauty salon equipment products that have proven to be among the best in the salon equipment niche.

    We offer three industry-recognized names of salon shampoo bowls: Kellen, Natalie and Irvine. These acclaimed brands offer great looks, impressive durability and sought-after affordability; and two styles of our salon shampoo bowls are of ABS-constructed materials. You might be asking, "What does 'ABS' mean?"

    Our Salon Shampoo Bowls are Incredibly Durable! 

    In a nutshell, ABS refers to an extremely high-grade commercial plastic and products manufactured with ABS material, such as a variety of musical instruments, medical equipment and golf-club heads, are intentionally engineered with this type of plastic due to its impressive impact-resistance and its ability to beautifully withstand a constant barrage of continual, demanding use! ABS thermo-plastics have an industry-recognized reputation for superior hardness, gloss and toughness!

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