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    T-SPA Salon Furniture LLC is a brand that have always been on a mission to provide the most affordable and accessible pedicure chairs, interior products and specialized furniture for Nail Salon. T-SPA, with proud, have more than 10 years of establishment and business operating in this field from the East Coast to the West Coast of the states.  

    For that reason, the products manufactured and installed by T-SPA always receive compliments and absolute satisfaction from our business partners. We keep growing and making every effort to achieve perfectionism from the big picture to the very tiny details of the products. T-SPA want and choose to deliver our customers with top notch salon furniture and outstanding services.  

    T-SPA's head office is now in Houston - Texas, but this would not become our boundary and prevent us from serving people from all over the world. With the wide range of demands and needs, T-SPA have delivered more than 20 models of pedicure chairs and over 100 types of specialized tables, stools and shelves for many Nail Salons in the United States and Europe. 

    10 products
    TSM T-SPA Vespa TV-White-Gold / T-Timeless / TV-Mocha T-SPA-VESPA-WHITE-GOLD-TTL-MOCHA
    TV-Black-Nickel TV-White-Gold
    T-SPA Vespa Pedicure Spa Chair
    ShopSalonCity T-SPA Vespa DUOTONE TVD-Silver / Throne-2 / TVD-Black T-SPA-VESPA-DUOTONE-SILVER-T2-BLACK
    T-SPA Vespa DUOTONE Pedicure Spa Chair
    TSM T-SPA Phoenix TP-Bronze / Throne-2 / TP-Black T-SPA-PHOENIX-BRONZE-T2-BLACK
    TP-Bronze TP-Silver
    T-SPA Phoenix Pedicure Spa Chair
    TSM T-SPA Royal Phoenix Throne-2 / Black-Gold / Black T-SPA-ROYAL-PHOENIX-BLACK-GOLD-BLACK
    T-SPA Royal Phoenix Pedicure Spa Chair
    TSM T-SPA White Base Humvee Throne-2 / Champagne T-SPA-TRI-WHITE-EPOX-GREY
    TH-White TH-Black TH-Grey
    T-SPA Humvee Pedicure Spa Chair
    TSM T-SPA President
    Black White
    T-SPA President Pedicure Spa Chair
    TB-Blue TB-Green TB-Pink TB-Purple +2
    Brianna Kid Pedicure Chair
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