How to Choose a Nail Polish/Powder Rack

Things To Consider Before Choosing a Nail Polish/Powder Rack or Display Shelf

Are you struggling to keep your nail polishes organized and looking good? Showcasing a neat and organized nail polish rack will make your salon's space look professional and beautiful. And if you opt for displaying the beautiful colors on your wall, you won't have to look for separate wall art.  

Well, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which nail polish rack is best for you. We offer some inspiration for turning your display cases into functional statement pieces. 

Color palette display

Displaying your polishes for your customers can be quite a colorful statement, or perhaps your salon or spa goes for a more muted, minimalist aesthetic. Either way you can have fun displaying your nail polishes according to your salon's aesthetics.  

How big is your collection, and will you be growing it? 

If you already have an extensive collection or plan to grow yours significantly, you will need to look into choosing a nail polish rack that will fit them all. 

Nova Polish Rack

Do you need your collection to be portable? 

Perhaps you work from home and the salon, or your beauty therapists work in different rooms at different times and may require a nail polish display case that is easy to move to different locations. A wall rack may not be your best choice in these instances, but an organizational case with a handle will be perfect. 

Do you favor a brand of nail polish? 

Unfortunately, not all nail polishes have the same size and shape bottle. This is an important factor to consider when choosing your nail polish display rack. You don't want to choose the one you like only to find out that it doesn't fit your favorite nail polish brand. Consider the height and width of your bottles before purchasing your nail polish rack.  

Types of Nail Polish Racks

There are many nail polish/powder display shelves to choose from. Let's take a look at some of the popular options.  

Wall-mounted nail polish racks: These are simple, clean, and modern. Wooden nail polish wall racks are durable, long-lasting, and come in many different sizes. These tend to be more decorative.

Acrylic nail polish wall racks are either colored or clear, they are much lighter than metal ones, thus money wise, acrylic nail polish shelves are also much cheaper. Their simple and clear lines are able to make the nail polish colors really shine.  

If you have limited space in your salon and you only need to showcase about 100 or 200 polish/powder colors, those wall-mounted nail polish racks are the best option for you.

Wall Mounted Nail Polish Rack

360-degree swivel nail polish display shelves: Looking to add a trendy element to your space and one that can help keep your salon organized? Look no further than these 360-degree swivel display shelves that are made up of acetone and scratch-resistant hardwood veneer. This means you don’t have to worry about spills or damaging the shelves easily.

These display shelves are easy to clean and resistant to cracking in harsh climates, and they feature a display tower with generous spaces to show off your nail polish bottles and/or dipping powder jars. And, as a bonus, there is a lockable cabinet below the shelves for extra storage.  

The 360-degree rotation polish towers can offer the most generous space to showcase your rich polish/powder varieties. They can hold up to 800 polish bottles and 480 powder jars. 

Sonoma Rotating Polish Display Shelf

           SONOMA 360 Degree Swivel Nail Polish Display Shelf

Free-standing nail polish display cabinets: Offering more display and storage functionalities, free-standing nail polish display cabinets are an excellent option. They can satisfy your specific nail polish storage and display needs while looking elegant and extending a statement décor piece too. By combining the nail polish/powder display shelves with a generous bottom cabinet below the shelves, display cabinets can offer ample room to organize all nail supplies, from season colors to favorite brands. So while some colors may not be on-trend at the moment, they will still be easy to access. 

Moreover, the double sided polish cabinets can provide access from both sides of the cabinet, which increases the flexibility of how you want to place them - they can be in the middle of the salon as a good partition as well as a decoration with nice display and storage features.  

The capacity of the Free-standing nail polish display cabinets is up to 576 polish bottles and 198 powder jars. 

NOVA I Polish & Powder Rack with Cabinet (Double-Sided)

There are many ways to display your nail polishes, and you can find a different type of stand or wall unit to suit your individual salon's style. Don't forget to regularly check your nail polishes' shelf life once they're all displayed beautifully. A tip to help polishes last longer is to keep them in a temperature-controlled environment and not let them get too hot or sit in direct sunlight.   

If you are looking to expand your nail polish rack or display shelf options for your spa or salon, take a look at the many great options we have on offer. Just make sure you narrow down the specifics you need for your salon to find the right nail polish display furniture for your spa.  

Need help finding the right product for your space? Give Shop Salon City a call at 213-973-3566 or find out more on our website.

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