6 Features You Want to Know To Select the Best Pedicure Trolleys and Carts for Your Salon

No matter how long you have been in the salon business, it’s important to update your space every so often. This includes purchasing new and improved pieces for your salon, such as pedicure trolleys and carts. Of course, finding the right ones can be time-consuming.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry. At Shop Salon City, you get all the help you need right in one place. With curated information and the best selection of items, you will be wishing you discovered this site sooner. 

Down to the Basics 

It is good to know what you’re looking for, and that includes understanding what your equipment is and what it is used for. 

Pedicure Trolley: Pedicure trolleys are storage devices used by nail technicians to store and organize their tools and nail supplies so that they are easy to retrieve. They include drawers where tools are conveniently stored. The drawers help prevent the equipment from getting dusty or lost. Most of them have wheels that can be moved around easily for you when needed. 

pedicure trolley

Pedicure Cart with Footrest: The Pedicure Cart with Footrest by Berkeley is such a considerate and portable design for the nail salons and pedicure technicians that it not only functions as an additional storage and organizer, it also can be a small mobile pedicure station for you to work and can be placed in a corner of your salon or spa. The padded seat helps you stay comfortable and at the right height to work on your clients’ feet, while the adjustable padded footrest puts their feet right where they need to be for you to perform your work. You can easily roll the cart to different areas of the salon with the four wheels underneath. Plus, the discreet under-the-seat drawer maximizes space and keeps your supplies with you and out of sight.

pedicure cart with footrest

6 Top Features You Must Know about Salon Pedicure Carts and Trolleys

How to decide on the best equipment for you and your salon? Before you dive headfirst into buying, you must do some research first on what you need. 

Pedicure carts and trolleys come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, you may get a little confused when facing all those options, So knowing what you need can help speed up the process.

Here are the top 7 features you want to  consider when looking for pedicure carts and trolleys:

  1. Ample Storage: If you are organized, you are going to want to find one with a lot of storage space to keep all your tools in one place.
  2. Mobility and Flexibility: If you are constantly moving around from client to client, you are going to want one with access to mobility and portability. 
  3. Usage and Functionality: Besides storage and mobility, if you also want to use the pedicure trolley cart to sit and provide pedicure service to your clients, you would prefer a pedicure cart with footrest over the normal salon trolleys. 
  4. Easy Maintenance: You want to make sure the pedicure trolley material is acetone resistant and easy to clean after each service. 
  5. Durability: A well managed nail salon can be really busy, so  it’s important that all your salon furniture and equipment are durable and can withstand anything at all times.
  6. Salon Decor: If you are someone who likes to keep up with the trends or has a certain theme for your salon, having one with a certain aesthetic in mind will be good for you. Per NewDecorTrends.com, the #1 trendy color of furniture design in 2022 is color white with some contrast. Our white and black Alera Pedi Cart perfectly brings this trend to your salon world and provides you a simple, clean, and sophisticated look for your salon. 

The Wait for Your Perfect Cart and Trolley Is Over

Here at Shop Salon City, you get what you are looking for in half the time with our selection of high-quality equipment. The wait for finding the right cart and trolley for you and your salon is over.

Introducing, the newest products of this year:

  1. Milan Pedicure Trolley Cart

This trolley features a stylish design with a solid white base and three choices of accent color. It is easy to maneuver, with four rollers for convenient mobility. Including two drawers and one pull-out shelf, it will give you plenty of storage to fit all your tools, supplies and more. This trolley can fit in perfectly with any kind of salon, making it the best choice for you.

  1. Seneca Pedicure Trolley Cart

This cart is more of an upscale feature with chrome handles, hardwood all around, and your choice of two accent colors. With four rollers, this cart can be easily moved around the salon. Standing on the taller side, this cart provides an abundance of storage with two deep drawers as well as a pull-out shelf to fit more supplies. The simple design can go easily into any salon.

  1. Alera Pedicure Cart with Footrest

This cart is unlike all the rest. It features a thick seat and adjustable footrest cushion as well as a drawer under the seat for storage. The material is resistant to spills and has ample mobility. A timeless and stylish piece, it will be a great addition to any salon.

The Time to Choose Is Now

Choosing a pedicure cart and trolley should not leave you feeling stressed. You want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want with confidence and ease.

The time to choose what you need is now.

At Shop Salon City, you’ll never have to worry about making the wrong decision with your purchase here.

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