Presidential Barber Chairs by Berkeley

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    Step into Presidential Luxury this President's Day!

    Celebrate in style with our exclusive President's Day promotion, where you can elevate your barbershop with the distinguished comfort of our Berkeley barber chairs. But wait, there's more! For a limited time only, when you purchase one of our esteemed Berkeley barber chairs, you'll receive a salon mat absolutely free!

    • Promo: Purchase 1 Berkeley Presidential Barber Chair and Receive 1 Berkeley Salon Mat Absolutely Free!
    • Period: 2/19/2024 - 2/25/2024
    • No code required! Simply add a Berkeley Salon Mat to your shopping cart along with a Berkeley barber chair, and watch as the price of the mat automatically adjusts to free. Enjoy this seamless offer without any hassle.

    Don't miss out on this exceptional offer! Mark your calendars for our President's Day promotion, running from February 19th to February 25th, 2024. Transform your salon with the presidential touch and enjoy unparalleled comfort and style.

    9 제품
    Berkeley Adams Barber Chair
    Black & Gold 검은색 낙타
    아담스 이발소 의자
    $699 부터
    Berkeley McKinley Barber Chair Black and RoseGold HON-BBCHR-52022-BLKRSG
    검정과 금 블랙과 로즈골드
    매킨리 이발소 의자
    $998 부터
    Berkeley Wilson Barber Chair Grey HON-BBCHR-52021-GY
    빨간색 회색
    윌슨 이발소 의자
    Berkeley ROOSEVELT Barber Chair Black DON-BBCHR-31909-BLK
    갈색 검은색
    ROOSEVELT 이발소 의자
    Berkeley LINCOLN Barber Chair Black DON-BBCHR-31905-BLK
    링컨 이발소 의자
    Berkeley MADISON Barber Chair DON-BBCHR-31914-BLK
    크롬 프레임 매트 블랙 프레임
    MADISON 이발소 의자
    $950 부터
    Berkeley Franklin Barber Chair Crimson YAL-BBCHR-62088-CMN
    Black Brown Crimson Cappuccino
    프랭클린 이발사 의자
    Berkeley Grant Barber Chair YAL-BBCHR-62079-CPO
    그랜트 이발사 의자
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