10 Pedicure Chairs That Will Upgrade Your Salon for 2023

We have shared the Guide to Selecting the Perfect Pedicure Spa Chair, now, we would like to share our list of top 10 high-quality pedicure spa chairs that will elevate your salon! 


 Black Siena Pedicure Chair

The SIENA Shiatsulogic EX-R Pedicure Chair is a highly sought-after option among pedicure spa chairs. Its flounce design gives the SIENA basin an elegant lotus leaf appearance, setting it apart from regular tubs. Notably, the SIENA tub is not only visually appealing but also constructed from high-tech fiberglass, ensuring remarkable sturdiness and resistance to chemicals. The SIENA EX-R Pedicure Chair offers six stunning cushion colors, catering to a wide range of salon decors. As the number one popular pedicure spa chair, the SIENA Shiatsulogic EX-R is a perfect choice to elevate any salon ambiance with its exquisite design and premium features.


Lotus II Pedicure Chair

The Lotus II pedicure spa exudes elegance and uniqueness, thanks to its main attraction – LED lights gracefully flowing across the sides of the base and a semi-transparent glass bowl. This chair is equipped with modern amenities, including Luraco's sanitary pipe-less jets and a fully adjustable Shiatsu massage feature.

What sets the Lotus II apart from other Shiatsulogic Massage Pedicure Spas is its remarkable ability to be upgraded with a Magnetic Jet Head Wet-end featuring LED lights. This upgrade allows you to create a luxurious and atmospheric lighting experience in your salon, adding an extra touch of sophistication to the overall ambiance.

#3 Perla Pedicure Chair (TWO MODELS)

Black Top Black Tub Perla Pedicure ChairIf you admire the Siena flounce lotus leaf design but prefer a pedicure chair with a pullout sprayer inside the basin, then the PERLA Pedicure Chair is an excellent choice for you. Not only does it offer the convenience of a pullout sprayer, but it also provides customization options for a unique look.

For those who want to create their own distinctive style, we offer three PERLA pedicure tub options with stunning color combinations: White/Black Nickel, White/Gold, and Black/Black Nickel. Furthermore, the Perla chair comes in different versions, featuring either a streamlined or elegant armrest design, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

To complete your ideal pedicure experience, you can select your desired massage chair from two exceptional options: the Exclusive EX-R Chair and the Luxurious LX Chair. Both massage chair models come in a variety of cushion colors, ensuring you find the perfect match for your salon's aesthetic.



Complete Black Fedora Pedicure Chair

The Fedora II Pedicure Spa promises to satisfy and impress each client, exuding an aura of luxury with its bold design elements. The LED-lit sides and flowing style lines create a visually striking impression, while the supple PU diamond quilted leather ensures comfort during foot soaking in the luminous resin bowl.

This exceptional pedicure spa comes standard with a Pipeless whirlpool system and a pullout sprayer, offering therapeutic water benefits with luscious bubbles for a truly relaxing and soothing experience for the feet.

The EX-R CHAIR boasts an array of amenities, including flip-up and down acetone-proof armrests, a folding hand tray with cup, and diamond-stitched PU leather for added elegance. Clients can indulge in a fully adjustable, 6-function Shiatsulogic Massage, tailored to their preferences for ultimate relaxation.

The Fedora II Pedicure Spa features a chemical-resistant fiberglass base with beautiful LED lighting and a 4-gallon capacity tub. The base is built to withstand acetone and chemical exposure, ensuring long-lasting durability. The pedicure chair is easy to control, thanks to the user-friendly controls and the convenience of a motorized seat adjustment, allowing clients to move forward, backward, and recline effortlessly.

With cutting-edge noise-canceling massage technology, the pedicure chair guarantees a tranquil and peaceful experience. The easy-to-use pedicure chair remote further simplifies the process, providing clients with seamless control over their comfort.


Gold Tub Brown Top Viggo II Pedicure ChairThe VIGGO II Shiatsulogic LX Pedicure Chair is the epitome of luxury, providing clients with a truly indulgent spa experience. Built with quality in mind, its heavy-duty fiberglass tub ensures exceptional durability, making it a perfect choice for busy salons and spas. The chair's Shiatsulogic massage system utilizes deep tissue kneading to target pressure points, offering a therapeutic and relaxing massage. Clients can enjoy maximum comfort thanks to the chair's adjustable footrest and reclining backrest, while the easy-to-clean surfaces make maintenance a breeze.

The VIGGO II Pedicure Chair comes equipped with vibration seating and 6 massage chair functions, including tapping, kneading, rolling, pressing, knocking, and combination, ensuring clients experience the ultimate relaxation. The 24V-DC noise-canceling technology provides a silent massage, further enhancing the serene ambiance. The chair offers electronically controlled forward, backward, and recline movements, with a recline angle ranging from 110 to 135 degrees, allowing for customized comfort.

To enhance convenience, the chair features acetone-resistant armrests, folding hand trays, a USB port, and a built-in remote control. The chemical-resistant fiberglass tub/bowl and easy-to-use built-in sprayer ensure a hygienic and efficient experience. The magnetic pipeless whirlpool system, complete with the Luraco jet, adds an extra touch of luxury. The UL-listed tub has a generous 4-gallon capacity, ensuring a seamless and worry-free pedicure session. The VIGGO II Shiatsulogic LX Pedicure Chair sets a new standard in pampering and relaxation, making it a top-of-the-line choice for discerning salon and spa owners.


Blue Princess Pedicure Chair for Children

Here's an exciting idea to enhance your business-building tips: Encourage busy moms to visit your salon more frequently and indulge in much-needed relaxation while bringing their kids along for a treat as well! Our adorable and best-selling Kid Pedicure Spas can work wonders by solving your clients' babysitting dilemmas or creating special mommy-daughter bonding moments.

Our Kid Pedicure Spas are thoughtfully themed with beloved cartoon characters, and these delightful themes add an extra touch of magic and excitement to the salon experience for both moms and kids, making it an enticing prospect for families.

By offering this delightful combination of relaxation for moms and a treat for the little ones, you can significantly boost your salon's traffic and create a warm and welcoming environment for families. Embracing the concept of mommy-daughter dates or family bonding time at your salon can make it a memorable and cherished experience for your clients, encouraging them to return regularly and spread the word to other families as well.


 Grey Bowl Brown Top Diva Pedicure Chair

 Our exquisite pedicure spa, the DIVA Deluxe Pedicure Chair, is a standout star in any salon setting. Featuring an enhanced massage chair, the Diva takes pampering to another level with the addition of arm massage functions. Among its impressive attributes, this high-quality massage pedicure chair stands out for its seat control buttons on the tub. This thoughtful feature allows pedicure technicians to effortlessly adjust the seat's recline degree and move the top chair forward or backward to find the most comfortable position, all without the need to stand up. The DIVA Deluxe Pedicure Chair perfectly combines functionality and technician comfort, making it a true salon showstopper.


Moon Shaped White and Brown Lexor Prive Pedicure Chair

Introducing the PRIVÉ Lounge Pedicure Chair, an innovative oasis of salon luxury that takes nail salons to new heights. With its unique dome design and added features, customers can fully immerse themselves in a private and relaxing space. Lexor Pedi-Spas provide the key to salon success, combining smart technology, durable products, and exceptional customer service to maximize efficiency and profit.

The PRIVÉ Lounge Spa boasts world-first technology with the Therma-Jet™ smart feature, ensuring consistent regulation of water temperature for utmost client comfort. This luxurious pedicure chair comes equipped with Lexor's familiar smart features and new exclusive additions, providing convenience at your fingertips for both nail technicians and clients.

Crafted with skill and thoughtfully designed, the PRIVÉ Lounge Pedicure Chair radiates modern luxury with clean lines and complementary mixed finishes that demand attention without overwhelming embellishments. Top-notch finishes, precise detailing, and luxury-chic leatherette in four cushion colors elevate the chair's bold design and add personality to your salon.

The PRIVÉ Lounge Pedicure Chair combines technology and comfort with a range of features, including Therma-Jet™ Steam Heat Therapy, DUAL-JET™ Hydro-Massage System, AUTO-FILL™ Water Management Sensor, and more. Clients will experience the luxury of an AURORA™ Color-changing LED Bowl and ergonomic chair top with neck and lumbar support, while foldable trays, purse hangers, and utility lights add to their convenience and comfort.

Utility lights provide soft lighting for manicures and pedicures without the need for extra lamps. Lift-up armrests and foldable trays ensure easy access and save space. Purse hangers keep clients' hands free for a fully relaxing experience. Raised calf support and an adjustable contoured head pillow maximize comfort for both clients and nail technicians.

The PRIVÉ Lounge Pedicure Chair redefines salon luxury with its fusion of design, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology, making it an ideal choice for salons seeking to provide an exceptional pampering experience to their clients.


Taupe and Brown J&A Empress Pedciure Chair

The Lavish Empress LX Pedicure Spa Chair by J&A is designed to impress with its modern lighting and array of amenities. Built with durability in mind, this cutting-edge spa features a beautiful resin bowl, powerful pipeless Infiniti™ jets, and a full shiatsu massage chair with a remote for ultimate relaxation. Easy footrest adjustment and LED lighting wrapped around the base add to the luxurious experience.

The Empress LX Pedicure Spa offers deluxe options to wow your clients and enhance their pedicure session. Multi-color LED lighting in the bowl and on both sides of the base creates a captivating ambiance. The Infiniti Pipeless Whirlpool ensures a soothing and hygienic experience. Automatic seat recline and slide, adjustable footrest, and movable armrests with manicure trays and cup holders add to the spa's convenience and functionality.

The Lavish Empress LX Pedicure Spa Chair sets a new standard in luxury and performance, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable pedicure experience for your clients.


Portable Pedicure Foot Spa

The Pedicute spa is the epitome of a high-end mobile foot spa, designed to meet the needs of modern professionals. Built with a focus on lasting quality, durability, and style, it sets itself apart with its truly portable design—no hoses, pumps, or connectors required. Simply plug in the Pedicute, and you're ready to start giving pedicures. This eco-friendly portable spa is commercial-grade and built to last, offering the world's most simple and functional solution for on-the-go pampering.

With an emphasis on convenience and efficiency, the Pedicute features an easy-lift removable tub that holds 1.5 gallons of water—just the right amount for a luxurious foot soak. The tub is spacious enough to accommodate even men's size 13 feet comfortably. Clients will enjoy the indulgence of three levels of vibrating aqua massage and heat, ensuring a rejuvenating and invigorating foot experience.

The Pedicute spa prioritizes sanitation with disposable tub liners, offering a safe and worry-free solution to minimize cross-contamination between services. Additionally, the footrest and adjustable leg support provide optimal comfort for clients, eliminating the need for the technician to support the client's leg manually. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, the Pedicute stands as a top choice for modern professionals seeking a high-end mobile foot spa experience.


In conclusion, choosing the right pedicure chair is essential for creating a luxurious and relaxing experience in your salon or spa. With our expertise and top-notch product selection, we've curated a list of the ten best pedicure chairs for 2023. These chairs boast features such as adjustable reclining options, Shiatsulogic massage technology, pipeless whirlpool systems, and high-quality materials like padded leather and acetone-resistant fabrics. Whether you're looking for a high-end spa chair or a mobile foot spa, our list has something for every salon owner's needs. Invest in a durable and stylish pedicure chair, and it will not only enhance your salon's ambiance but also prove to be a lucrative investment that draws clients back time and time again. Upgrade your salon with one of these top-notch pedicure chairs and elevate your business to new heights of comfort and sophistication in 2023!


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