Wall-mounted Nail Polish/Powder Racks

Our Wall-mounted Nail Polish Racks are simple, modern and functional for small to medium salon usage. Wooden Nail Polish/Powder Wall Racks are durable, long-lasting, and come in many different sizes. These tend to be more decorative. The simple and clear lines of Acrylic Nail Polish Wall Racks are able to make the nail polish colors really shine. They are much lighter than the wooden ones and thus money wise, acrylic nail polish shelves are also much cheaper. 

Quick Pick List by Function and Capacity:

1. Wall-mounted Wooden Nail Polish Racks:

2. Wall-mounted Wooden Nail Powder Racks:

3. Wall-mounted Wooden Nail Polish & Powder Racks:

4. Wall-mounted Acrylic Nail Polish Racks:


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