Wall Mount Acrylic Nail Polish Rack - 96 Bottle

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Wall Mount Acrylic Nail Polish Rack - 96 Bottle

<p>This <b>MAYAKOBA Acrylic Nail Polish Rack</b> is the perfect way to display and organize your nail polish bottles for your Nail Salon. Make an attractive first impression to your customers by displaying your nail paint colors collection in this acrylic,
transparent and stylish wall mounted nail polish rack with 6 shelves. It also make sit very easy to manage and organize the nail polish bottles while working on your clients, as it can hold a total of 96 nail polish bottles. Now, the nail paint bottles
won't go missing anywhere when you can perfectly organize them with this light weight, wall mounted rack. One piece design and easy to mount on the wall with 4 screws.</p>
<p>Product Specifications:</p>
<p>6 shelves, 3 mm Thickness</p>
<p>Dimension = 22" (L) X 1.8" (W) X 24" (H)</p>
<p>Shelf Width = 1.5"</p>
<p>Length between shelves =&nbsp; 3.75"</p>

Product Details & Specs

  • 6 shelves. Holds a total of up to 96 bottles of nail polish. Dimension= 1.75" x 24" x 22"
  • Made of Acrylic material, lightweight and transparent. Perfect way to Display and Organize your Nail Polish collection.
  • One piece design, very easy to mount it on the wall with 4 screws. 
  • The front walls given in every shelf will prevent your bottles from falling.
  • Multi-purpose use. It can be used to Display, organize and store nail polish, essential oils, miniature paints, inks, etc.

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