Tattoo Workstation TA4701

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TATARTIST Tattoo Trolley with Drawers and Holders

Made of painting metal with laser cutting technology, this black TATARTIST Mobile Workstation is very sturdy and is a great choice for you to organize your tools, and make your job more efficient and convenient. It also comes with thoughtful designs like lockable drawers and casters, electric socket and USB port, iPad holder, plug and pegs to hold your tools.  

  • Made by painting metal(laser cutting) with stainless steel panel top
  • Movable with four lockable universal wheels
  • Four lockable drawers with individual spaces for easy storage;
  • Two drawers on both left and right side
  • With electric socket and USB port on two sides
  • With iPad holder (movable)
  • Two round holes on left side of table top for adding water
  • Space for putting gloves on the right side of the table top
  • Pegs on two sides for hanging tools
  • Sunken plug behind the table
  • Eight pegs behind the table for holding the electric wire

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