SHOP SALON CITY carries almost 2 dozen brand-names of styling chairs ranging from Aron, Mette, Milla and Hugo to Estelle, Sabi, Preston and Orin—and more!  Here is just a sampling of our vast array:

** The Preston Styling Salon Chair:

The Preston Styling Chair is sleek, yet impressively sturdy, and will support up to 450 pounds.  Even though it has a contemporary flair, it provides old-fashioned charm, making it a very trendy piece that will fit any décor.   The Preston boasts of a generous amount of extra-cushiness; and that, coupled with the non-slip footrest, makes it a favorite among patrons who delight in comfort and pampering.

** The Campbell Styling Salon Chair:

The Campbell Styling Salon Chair is an eclectic blend of smooth black vinyl, rich natural-wood armrests and a handsome chrome base.  Not too feminine and not too masculine, The Hartford is the perfect selection for any contemporary or rustic setting.  Its hydraulic pump allows for instant adjustments; and the 360-degree rotation makes styling from every angle an absolute breeze.

** The Curtis Styling Salon Chair:

Whoa baby!  Your patrons will be coming back for more thanks to the comfort and relaxation this styling chair has to offer!  The Curtis affords an extra-wide seat with a padded, U-shaped footrest as well as back and seat cushions that provide a kind of tranquility that won’t soon be forgotten!  The upholstery is extra-soft PVC vinyl, and is extremely easy to maintain.

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