SONOMA Triple Manicure Table

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SONOMA Triple Manicure Table

The Sonoma Triple Manicure Table has all the room needed for multiple manicurists and their tools! The table has 2 divided drawers for tall bottles and polish, 3 center drawers, and 2 tall drawers for waste receptacles. Also, the table has 2 large and 2 medium cabinets and 7 cubby holes for small items.

Specifications & Key Features

  • 7 Drawers

  • 7 Cubby Holes

  • 4 Cabinets

  • Option to add vent pipes to the table for salons that need additional air ventilation

  • Color: White / Off White Granite with beige and grey / Silver Accents

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 103.5" x 17" x 31"

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