SONOMA Manicure with Exhaust

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Sonoma Manicure with Exhaust

Keep you salon ""green"" with the ""Sonoma Manuicure Table"" with exhaust pipe! The exhaust pipe will draw the chemical vapors into a duct and prevent them from entering the rooms atmosphere. The space on this single manicure table has enough room to hold all products needed for any manicure. The table has 5 drawers, 1 open space and a center space with pull down opening that hides the exhaust pipe.


  • 5 Drawers
  • 1 Cubby Hole
  • 1 UV hole
  • Center Pull Down Hides Exhaust Pipe
  • Color: White / Off White Granite with beige and grey / Silver Accents
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 39.5" x 17" x 31"
Shipping Method:
Freight Curbside Delivery

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