SHIATSULOGIC PI Premium Pedicure Massage Chair Vibration Cushion Cover Set (cover set only, w/o chair)

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Shiatsulogic PI Cover Set - Cushion Only

The Shiatsulogic pedicure chair includes a luxurious, modern, “tufted look” cover set. Aiding the technician is the acetone proof material and easily adjustable headrest. 

The cushion coverset attaches with velcro on the sides, top, and bottom of the coverset to the chair so setting this coverset up takes no time at all. The headrest can be moved up and down based on where your clients head is at on the coverset to accomodate a wide variety of hieghts. 

This coverset is designed to work with Shiatsulogic Massage chairs only. 

Specifications & Key Features

**Cushion set only.**

Cushion set includes:

  • Head cushion
  • Back cushion
  • Seat cushion
  • Side skirts
  • Back pad

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