SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair

Mayakoba SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair
Mayakoba SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair
Mayakoba SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair
Mayakoba SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair
Mayakoba SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair
Mayakoba SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair Grey FX / Grey and Silver Serenity

SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair

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A Flowing Water Designed Pedicure Spa Chair with Massage

The SERENITY II Shiatsulogic FX Pedicure Chair allows customers to attain feelings of rebirth, purity, and beauty by spoiling them with the full Pedicure Chair treatment. It features...

FX Deluxe Full Function Massage Chair

Beautiful and simple to use, Shiatsulogic provides a soothing and therapeutic massage. Shiatsulogic technology is the solution towards relief and lasting comfort. Its' formula thoughtfully combines the massage settings of rolling, kneading, tapping, pressing, and knocking to give your body the comforts it needs.

  • FX full function massage including tapping, kneading, rolling, pressing, knocking combination.
  • Cutting Edge Noise Canceling Massage Technology.
  • State of the Art Built-in Remote Control.
  • Automatic Seat Adjustment (Forwards and Backwards).
  • Acetone Proof Armrests w/ Foldable Hand Tray, Cup Holder & Phone Holder.
  • Elegantly Designed Holder for Your Personal Bag.
  • 1 USB Port. 

Pipeless whirlpool system and pullout sprayer

The Pipeless whirlpool system and pullout sprayer provides therapeutic water benefits for the feet. It creates a relaxing Pedicure Chair experience with luscious bubbles to soothe, massage, and soften the feet.

  • 4 gallon capacity.
  • Pipeless Whirlpool System and Pull-Out Sprayer.
  • LED color light.
  • Chemical resistant fiberglass.
  • UL Listed.


Shiatsulogic LX-18 Luxurious Full Function Massage Chair
  • Overall Product DIM: 39"L x 31"W x 40"L.
  • Outside Arm to Arm w/ Trays Closed: 31".
  • Outside Arm to Arm w/ Tray Open: 45.25".
  • Seat DIM: 21.5"W x 19"D.
  • Back Height from Top of seat to Top of the Back: 35".
  • Backrest Recline Angle: Approx. 110 - 135 Degrees.
  • Space Needed Between Chair and Wall: 17".
  • Space Needed Between Chairs: 8".

    Shiatsulogic Massage Chair by Mayakoba

    Shiatsu is a Japanese word for a bodywork therapy based on certain acupuncture principles and has roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Shiatsu applies finger and palm pressure to specific points of the body. This pressure moves in a rhythmic sequence from one point to another through pathways called “meridians.” Shiatsu’s goal aims to recover and strengthen the flow of the body’s vital energy (known as “Chi”), so as to relieve tension and pain.

    To simulate Shiatsu massage therapy, ShopSalonCity’s Shiatsulogic massage chairs mimic the delicate hands of a therapist, providing a soothing and therapeutic massage. Shiatsulogic technology thoughtfully combines an array of massage settings that give your clients the comfort they need.

    With Shiatsulogic pedicure spa chairs, your clients enjoy:

    • Rolling
    • Kneading
    • Pressing
    • Tapping
    • Knocking
    • Combination

    All of our Shiatsulogic massage chairs have traditional or built-in remote controls and smart buttons. These features make it easy for pedicure technicians to adjust their clients into an ideal position, but they also let the clients over the massage function type and its intensity. The Shiatsulogic series of massage chairs also come with acetone resistant manicure trays on the armrests. Thus, you can use this chair to offer a 3-in-1 full service to your clients: manicure, pedicure, and body massage. By maximizing the services you can provide to your clients with just one chair, it’s a smart buying decision, money-wise, for smart salon owners and nail professionals.

    Other features to look for in a Shiatsulogic massage chair? Cup holders, USB ports, phone holder, purse hooks, and more!

    Difference between Exclusive EX-R and Luxurious LX

    The LX chair has the following upgrades that the Exclusive EX-R does not:

    • Built-in remote control
    • USB Port
    • Purse hook
    • New and improved cover set
    • Both chairs have the same massage functions

         You can also refer to below infographic to have a side-by-side comparison.


    Pedicure Spa Chair Optional Add-Ons

    Our full line of Mayakoba branded pedicure spa chairs features three fantastic optional add-ons. Let’s take a look at each option, and how each can improve or enhance your daily operations.

    Pedicure Spa Chair Optional Add-Ons

    Discharge Pump: “Down The Drain” Fast, In A Good Way

    Available On All Models

    The discharge pump allows the tub to empty the water through a wall setup, the drain motor can pump up to 4ft height. If you have a floor drain then this is not required.

    • Wall Drain: If you have a Wall Drain, be sure to opt-in for a pump at purchase. We will provide complete installation prior to shipping, making set-up on your end super easy.
    • Floor Drain: If you use a Floor Drain, then you can opt out the discharge pump option and let the water drain by gravity. However, with a discharge pump, you can drain out water in the basin much faster and greatly improve your drain efficiency. 
    • Our Recommendation: We strongly recommend you to prebuild the discharge pump in your tub for more flexibility and compatibility for both wall drain and floor drain. It is also a feature to improve our drain efficiency and safer to have.

    Autofill Functionality: Fill ‘Er Up, Nice And Easy

    The autofill will automatically fill the tub with water and stop it from overfilling.

    Turn on the water, then go grab your customer a cup of coffee! Using a sensor, autofill functionality fills your tub to the perfect depth ­– and saves you from worrying about embarrassing overflows. Please take note, though: this functionality isn’t compatible with disposable liners.


    1. iFill® 5 System can be used with all brands of Jets and Spa tubs.
    2. Can be used with or without a disposable liner.
    3. Touch Keypad and very easy to use.
    4. Display will show digital readout for
      • how many times the pedicure chair has been used
      • water Temperature (F or C).
      • timer to help technicians to track of their work time, so that technicians do not need to carry a clock with them.
    5. 3 switched-on/off and 1 continuous outlets.
    6. 1 drain pump control outlet with a 3-minute timer.
    7. Built-in 1-hour safety timer.
    8. Adjustable manually water level
    9. UL safety recognized.
    10. Made in the U.S.A from U.S. & Global Components.

    Air Ventilation System: Keep Things Fresh

    Available On All Models

    Professional air vent will direct any chemicals or smells outside your building, helping keep your salon or spa smelling clean and inviting. Please advise that these vents should be connected to your building’s exhaust or ventilation system to ensure proper operation - the air vent installed in the spa base are just the parts for you to connect to your ventilation system in your building. Please make sure your building has built-in ventilation system before you request to add that option in your pedicure spa.

    Magnetic Wet End Jet Head with LED Light (Exclusive to LOTUS II)

    The magnetic wet jet provides a soothing whirlpool effect for a better client experience while also making it easier to clean and sanitize your equipment.

    Beautiful and simple to use, the LOTUS II features a modern design and advanced Shiatsulogic massage functionality. But you can choose to take your pedicure service capabilities to a whole new level with a magnetic wet end jet head illuminated by alternating LED lighting! 

    1. Product Functionality Questions

    1.1) General Questions

    Q: How can I select a pedicure spa chair?

    A: We have a blog describing everything in very detail to answer this question for you, check out here

    Q: What is the weight limit/capacity of a person for this chair?

    A: Approximately 350-400 lbs.

    Q: What kind of electricity will I need to install with the unit? How much amps?

    A: Most states require a standard 110V GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protected outlet. Each state may vary. More info below:

    • Power Source Dedicated 15Amp Wall Outlet Required
    • Pipe-less Jet motor 120V, 0.4 A, 60Hz
    • Discharge Pump (Optional) 115V, 3.2 A. 60Hz
    • Massage System 120V, 60Hz

    Q: Do you offer discounts for large purchases?

    A: Absolutely yes. When you purchase 2 or more items, we have bulky discount on the product page which will automatically deducted in your shopping cart. On top of that, we also offer an additional wholesale discount if you buy over $10K and here are the coupon codes:

    • 5% off orders over $10,000 with code Wholesale5
    • 8% off orders over $15,000 with code Wholesale8
    • 10% off orders over $25,000 with code Wholesale10

    Q: How long does it take to receive equipment after I place an order?

    A: For pedicure spas, we will customize and build your tub according to your specific needs which would take about 2-3 days, and it will take another 2-3 days to get your shipment ready to ship, then 3-7 business days depending on your location for freight carrier to deliver your shipment. The total handling time is roughly from 10 to 15 days including building tub, shipping and delivery. But most likely, if we have all the info we need, we can ship faster than that! Be sure to leave us a good phone number and a good commercial address to receive the spas so we can ship it faster to your place!

    1.2) About the Shiatsulogic Massage Chair

    Q: Does this chair have massage functions? 

    A: Yes. Shiatsulogic full function massage including tapping, kneading, rolling, pressing, knocking, combination. We have a blog article where you can know more about Shiatsulogic massages, check out here.

    Q: What is the difference between Exclusive EX-R and Luxurious LX? 

    A: The LX chair has the following upgrades that the Exclusive EX-R does not:

    • Built-in remote control
    • USB Port
    • Purse hook
    • New and improved cover set
    • Both chairs have the same massage functions

         You can also refer to below infographic to have a side-by-side comparison.


    Q: Does this unit have heat and vibration both?

    A: Heat, no. Vibration, yes which includes tapping, kneading, rolling, pressing, knocking, combination. Check out our article about Shiatsulogic massage here

    Q: Can the chair tilt and also move back and forth? 

    A: Yes, this chair has automatic seat adjustments (forward and backwards) and recline function.

    1.3) About the Pedicure Spa Tub

    Q: What are the discharge pumps, air vent, and auto fill, what do they do?

    A: The discharge pump allows the tub to empty the water through a wall setup, the drain motor can pump up to 4ft height. If you have a floor drain then this is not required. The autofill will automatically fill the tub with water and stop it from overfilling. The air vent will vent out any chemicals or smells that might linger using them. It allows the chemicals to be vented out of the building. Please advise that the air vent installed in the spa base are just the parts for you to connect to your ventilation system in your building.  Please make sure your building has built-in ventilation system before you request to add that option in your pedicure spa.  We also have a very good blog article with thorough description on how to choose the pedicure chair optional add-ons, check it out here.

    Q: How do the Pedicure Chairs drain the water? How does the pump work?

    A. There are 2 types of draining applications:

    1. Standard Gravity Drain Application (Floor Drain): The Pedicure Chair is installed directly to your floor drain if available. Underneath the chair ABS piping and a P-trap (supplied) are connected to your drain underneath the chair or out the back. Similar to any standard bathtub. If you have a floor drain, a discharge pump isn’t 100% needed because gravity pulls the water down the drain. However, if your nail salon does have this plumbing set-up, you can still opt for a discharge pump because it will help your tub drain faster – perfect for busy days!
    2. Discharge Pump Draining Application (Wall Drain): Due to no drain source available, a discharge pump will be required. With wall drains, you don’t have the benefit of gravity pulling the water down the drain. When the drain control knob is turned the discharge pump will automatically turn on and drains the water to your closest drain source.

    Q: Can you use disposable liners with this spa? 

    A: Yes, you can use disposable liners with most pedicure chairs by Mayakoba, the only exception is ARROJO which is an old model. 

    Q: Does the footrest adjust up and down for the tech to be comfortable? 

    A: Yes. It can be adjusted up and down. There is a support under the footrest to lift the pad up. Please refer to the picture of the footrest of our "Florence Pedicure Chair" below.


    Q: Does the footrest rise and lower? 

    A: No, they are stationary, but you can adjust the angle. 

    Q: Does the chair have the magnet jet you can take off and on? 

    A: Yes, it has magnet jet.

    Q: It says pipe-less, will it connect to sewer and water? What is pipeless jet?

    A: The pipe-less only refers to the Magna Jet, you still need to hook it up with your plumbing. Pipeless systems use a unitized jet/filter device that is operated by its own independent motor which does not clog with body hair and dirt. The motor is mounted directly to the tub eliminating the need for pipes. Using a pipeless jet chair reduces the risk of infections, provides a quieter and smoother operation, and low maintenance. You can also read more info about Pipe-less Pedicure Chair here

    Q: How many jets does the tub have? 

    A: Only 1 jet. And we have all our spas built with the authentic Luraco magnet jet. 

    Q: What is the process of draining the water out of the tub? 

    A: If it is plumbed to the floor you turn the knob to open the drain. If it is plumbed to the wall you would push the button for the discharge pump to drain and make sure the drain is open. 

    Q: So this comes with a discharge pump for a wall drain? 

    A: If you have a wall drain, you should choose the option of Discharge Pump, and we will build the discharge pump inside the tub for you before shipping out.

    2. Installation Questions

    Q: How can I assemble a pedicure chair? Are there any installation instructions?

    A: If you purchase a pedicure chair, you will receive 3 boxes - the base, the chair top and the cover set. Follow our instructions below to get it assembled:

    Q: Do I need a plumber and an electrician to install my Pedicure Chair?

    A. Yes, a qualified licensed plumber and electrician must do the installation, not doing so will cause void in your warranty. 

    Q: Where does the water come from? 

    A: You will need to have a plumber come to hook this up to your plumbing system.

    Q: How does the pump work? Will I need any kind of plumbing hooked up?

    A: Yes, you will need plumbing. 

    Q: What types of hook ups to I need?

    A: You will need a hook up for both hot and cold water connections along with plumbing for emptying out water from the tub.


    Q: What size pipes do you need?

    A: The Chair requires 3 feet of 3/4 PVC pipe and 4 90-degree corners in order to go over the back of the base (see the upper white pipe and connector in below picture). 

    Q: Do I need a RPZ (Backflow Preventer)?

    A: This will depend on your local code, please check with your landlord or local representative. If it is needed, your plumber will be able to assist you in this installation. 

    Q: Does my pedicure spa chair need to be bolted down to the ground?

    A. No, but you do have to make sure the spa pedicure chairis securely balanced on the floor. 

    3. Warranty, Care & Maintenance Questions

    Q: Does this chair come with warranty? 

    A: Yes, this has a limited parts warranty, see below:

    Pedicure Spas (1 Year Warranty)
      a. Massage Chair
          i. Internal mechanisms
          ii. Seat frame actuators
          iii. Remote (excluding cracked screens, broken buttons, and water damage)
      b. Base/Tub
          i. Faucet
          ii. Sprayer
          iii. Hoses
          iv. Electric jet motor (excluding the cover)
          v. LED (excluding the cover)
          vi. Drain assembly
          vii. Air buttons
          viii. Electrical control box
          ix. Discharge pump motor 

    Q: What is the best way to sanitize after each pedicure?

    A. Always consult your local governing agency for their specific cleaning and disinfecting requirements and regulations for pedicure spas. Use the regulations and requirements as a minimum for cleaning and disinfecting. Please see owner and user manual for each chair, which can also be found here.

    Q: How do I clean the Pipeless Jet System?

    A. Please see the user manual for your pedicure chair which provides step by step instructions.

    Q: Parts for Shiatsulogic Pedicure Chair

    A: We do carry some parts. Check out the parts for pedicure chair here.

    How To Assemble Video & User Manual

    After you purchase a pedicure chair by Mayakoba, you will receive your pedicure chair in 3 individual boxes - the base, the chair top and the cover set. Follow our instructions below to get it assembled:

    There are few things you will need to know before you start operating your new spa chair.

    1. Some of MAYAKOBA pedicure spa models require the use of rail spacers to lift the chair. If your spa chair base comes with the rail spacers, they should be placed side by side (or left to right), under the chair. This enables the chair to be lifted, thus preventing damage to the foot bath tub as the chair moves forward and backwards.

    2. The wooden board included with your seat cushion, should be screwed to the chair frame and the cushion placed on top of the board. Be sure to insert the cushion power chord through the hole in the board (located at the back, left side of the chair. Feed the chord under the pedicure chair and attach it to the adjoining connector. The connecting chord only goes in one way- DO NOT force the connection! If the connection is in the right position, they should easily insert into each other.

    3. Make sure the air hoses are connected to the power box under the chair in the base, as it may have come undone while in transit to you. There are (4) things that connect to the black power box under the chair base. One air hose on each side of the box. One side has a small white nipple for one tube to slide over. The other side of the power box has a round black nipple in which the tubing is securely pushed or inserted into the hole in the center of the black nipple on the opposite side of the power box. Both tubes have to be in place on opposite sides of the power box for the water to circulate and drain properly.

    4. The flashing light power chord should be plugged into the outlet side of the black power box, so that the colored lights turns on and off when the technician presses on/off switch at the front of the chair along with the water circulation jet head.

    5. The plumbing requires three feet of 3/4" PVC pipe and four 90 ° 3/4" corners in order to go up and over the back of the pedicure base, which then goes to your drain. We suggest this is done by a certified plumber. Do not worry! The water pump under the chair base is designed to carry the water up to four feet in height.

    6. The hot water connection is on the top and the cold water connection is on the bottom.

    7. There are two power chords that connect to the wall outlet; one for the chair controls and one for the pedicure bowl controls.

    Shipping with ShopSalonCity is Fast!

    We ship from the big to the small - from shampoo backwash units to salon technician stools. At, we have great discounted shipping rate for ground and LTL freight shipping in the lower 48 states. 

    • Find the product you are interested in on our website
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    Then you will see the shipping rate in your checkout.

    We can ship ground worldwide. To ship LTL Freight to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or any country outside of the U.S., please reach out to us and we will check with our carriers and run a separate quote for you.

    Want to know more? Below are some details on the standard delivery times and the method of shipment. 
    Item Definition Shipping Method Handling Time Transit Time
    Small Packages
    Examples: Stools, Trolleys,
    Package length + girth is
    below 130 inches
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    Large or Fragile Packages
    Examples: Nail Tables,
    Barber Chairs,Backwash Units

    Package length + girth
    exceeds 130 inches
    OR product is fragile
    LTL Freight 5 Business Days 5-7 Business Days
    Large Products need Pre-build
    Example: Pedicure Spa Chairs
    Pedicure spa chairs need a
    custom built tub prior to ship
    LTL Freight

    Mayakoba Brand:
    10 Business Days
    Other brands:14-21 Days

    5-7 Business Days
    For Freight delivery, the carrier will contact you by phone to set up a delivery date and time. Please be aware that you must be available for the call from the freight carrier.  If the carrier is not able to reach you, they will return the item to us and you will be charged a 25% restocking fee and the return freight charge.
    See more details here: 
    For some brands such as J&A, Continuum, Lexor, and customized items under Belvedere and Trelavi brands etc., due to different vendor processing time, please expect longer handling time than other brands.  

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    1. Authorization 

    All returns must be authorized by ShopSalonCity. Any return without our prior knowledge will not be accepted and a refund will not be issued. Here’s how to receive authorization:

    • Contact us using the form on our contact us page, email us at, or call us at 469-975-4322.
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    We would also appreciate any related photos or videos so that we can better understand the issue you had with your purchase. Once the return merchandise has been received, ShopSalonCity will issue a refund and/or credit, which will be processed within 7 business days.

    2. Eligibility

    New and unused products in their original packaging are eligible for a full refund if sent back to ShopSalonCity within 30 days of the day the product was delivered to your location. Returns after 30 days of the receipt of your shipment will not be accepted. Custom items, clearance products, and special orders are not eligible for returns. Products that have been installed or connected to plumbing (including but not limited to shampoo backwash units, pedicure spas, etc.), and beauty products (due to covid) are ineligible for returns/exchanges. Partial refunds are not available for partial kits – the full kit with all related parts must be included to be eligible for a refund.

    3. Fees & Liability

    All returned products will be subject to inspection and may be subject to additional fees. Returned product without its original packaging will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 25%. If item(s) are returned damaged or not in the original packaging, an additional 10% fee will be assessed to cover those costs.

    Original shipping charges are non-refundable, and ShopSalonCity is not responsible for any expenses incurred in the return process, including freight charges. All processing fees on returned items that were originally paid through the use of financing will be collected upfront before a return authorization number will be issued. 

    If an item was originally shipped by freight, it must also be returned by freight – you will need to prepare the return in the original box and it must be strapped to a pallet. If you have questions about this process, we are available during business hours to offer assistance.

    Shipping Address for Returns:

    ShopSalonCity: Customer Service Department
    1036 S Jupiter Rd, Ste 200
    Garland, TX 75042


    Warranty Policy - Shop with Peace of Mind

    Every product offered by ShopSalonCity is covered by a limited parts warranty that begins the same day the product is delivered. If anything does not work as intended within our warranty terms, we will resolved the issue with either replacements parts, replacement of complete units, a refund, or warranty repair services. 

    Our team located in Texas includes skilled mechanics that assemble and work on these products every day. So if you have any issue, you can rest assured you are in good hands and we can resolve the issue quickly, and efficiently. 

    To see our full Warranty information, please visit our Terms, Conditions, and Policies Page

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