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ShopSalonCity’s Portable Shampoo Bowls

Welcome to the ‘Portable Shampoo Bowls’ page of SHOPSALONCITY.COM! We would like to share our 40-years of expertise with you to assist with acquiring those absolutely necessary items for your new business, or help you remain professionally equipped with all the furniture and supplies you will ever need, as your salon continues to grow. Whether you’re searching for technician stools, wax warmers, hair dryers, pedicure spas, hair foil, salon towels or any item in-between, it’s is all right here, under one ‘roof’. Our expansive inventory is meant to complement yours; and because we serve a global market, we know what is in demand!

We realize every salon is unique with its own needs and nuances.  For those salon owners who have limited space or for entrepreneurs who have set up shop in areas of their homes, portable shampoo bowls, though small in size, are big on convenience! Looking and feeling professional with your clientele is crucial; and this is where portable shampoo bowls make their mark--talk about handy, functional and versatile!  These nifty, ‘go-anywhere-you-need-them’ gems are a must-have since they take up so little space and can be effortlessly wheeled away when not in use.

Take a few moments to view SHOP SALON CITY’s portable shampoo bowls.  We offer lower-end and higher-end pricing to accommodate any budget!

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