KEEN Continuous Mist Clear Spray Bottle - 12 Oz

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KEEN Continuous Mist Clear Spray Bottle

This continuous Spray Water Bottle features an ultra fine aerosol mist without any harmful gasses or propellants. It's smooth trigger function is easy to pump and works at any angle, including upside down. Sturdy BPA free & mold resistant plastic construction. To operate, simply pull the trigger two or three times to build pressure in the bottle and a fine, controlled mist will begin expelling from the spout. 

Key Features:

So Many Uses - Great for refreshing thick or curly hair, styling toddlers & children hair, misting delicate plants, DIY beauty & cleaning recipes, setting your makeup and freshening skin on a hot day, essential oil blends, auto detailing, glass cleaning, watercolor painting and quilting and much more.

Easy to use, Leak Proof Design - Just twist the cap open, fill with distilled water or your own solution, replace cap and pump the trigger several times until a super fine aerosol mist emerges. This hair mister bottle can be used and reused endlessly for all your beauty, cleaning and gardening needs.

Ideal for Hairdressers & Barbers - Get hair the perfect amount of wet with this handy reusable hair spray bottle! Unlike other aerosol spray bottles, this water bottle is durable and long-lasting while resisting mold growth for an always-fresh & invigorating spritz.

Color Options: Black with clear bottle, White with clear bottle, white with white bottle, all pink, or all silver

  • 5
    More than one use

    Posted by Jennifer West on 11/09/2020

    We love these bottles! Not only are they great to use for water play, but we've used them at our center for disinfection purposes, they work great!

  • 4
    Miss spray bottle

    Posted by Luis on 10/26/2020

    Works well,using it for lysol sprayer

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