SHOP SALON CITY’s Hamilton, Edison and Estelle hair dryer chairs are names that offer affordability with plenty of style and beauty!

** The Hamilton Hair Dryer Chair:

If you want simplicity and affordability without compromising elegance, the Hamilton Hair Dryer chair is a wonderful choice!  The universal styling of this unassuming piece will blend in beautifully, regardless of your salon’s décor.   The smooth, black upholstery has a muted sheen, giving this chair a touch of humble elegance.

** The Edison Hair Dryer Chair:

Oh so simple and oh so comfy!  The back and seat cushions of the Edison Dryer Chair are ultra-thick; and will pamper your clients with unsurpassed comfort.  Chromed armrests provide a stark and striking contrast with the very durable, black commercial-grade vinyl covering which allows for super-easy maintenance.

** The Estelle Hair Dryer Chair:

The Estelle Hair Dryer Chair is an eye-catcher and is designed to be noticed!  The backrest and seat possess a distinctive sloping-cut appearance; and the sleek, black upholstery contrasts stunningly with the rounded, highly-polished, chrome armrests.  If classy and sassy are what you are looking for, the Estelle delivers!

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