GALAXY Disposable Pedicure Tub Liners - 400 count

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GALAXY Disposable Pedicure Tub Liners - 400 Count, Blue

GALAXY Premium Quality Disposable Pedicure Liners are suitable for most Pedicure Chair Tubs, Foot Baths and Foot Spa. Extra durable 0.013 mm thickness, better than other pedicure liners of 0.012 mm. These liners can be easily stretched up to 124 cm wide, compared to other liner that can be stretched only up to 112 cm wide. One size fits all. No leakage problem, does not tear easily.

To use simply pull apart ez-strip until liner fits the spa. Secures around all shapes. After use, puncture hole near drain, let water empty and then dispose.

Features & Specifications

  • Color: BLUE
  • Qty: 400 pcs
  • Brand: KEEN Essentials
  • Premium Quality: 124 cm wide, Thickness= 0.013 mm (13 micrometers)
  • More Durable: 0.013 mm thickness prevents leakage and does not easily tear.
  • One size fits all, fits most Pedicure Chair tubs.
  • Color: BLUE
  • Round, Big, Elastic and very convenient to use liners

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