FLORENCE Shiatsulogic EX Pedicure Chair (Pearl White)

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Florence Pedicure Chair Spa White Glass Tub


FLORENCE Shiatsulogic EX Pedicure Chair (Pearl White)

The Florence Pedicure Chair (16 Exclusive) is a masterpiece designed for providing an excellent massage experience. This unique pedicure spa visually packs a punch with its beautiful Glass Bowl finish and oil slick glass bowl. To enhance the overall experience, the cushion is designed with diamond pockets for comfort as well as an LED light show and powerful jet for a comfortable yet stunning and soothing massage. Add all of that together along with a brilliant performance and you can be certain that customers will receive a great experience.

✔ Shiatsulogic full function massage including tapping, kneading, rolling, pressing, knocking, combination

✔ Cutting Edge Noise Canceling Massage Technology

✔ Automatic Seat Adjustment (Forwards and Backwards)

✔ Acetone Proof Armrests w/ Fold-able Hand Tray, Cup Holder & Phone Holder

✔ Automatic Recline

✔ Luraco Jet and Pull-Out Sprayer

✔ 6 Different Colors of Cover Sets Available for Choose: Cappuccino, Black, Burgundy, Coffee, Storm Grey, Cappuccino/Cream


Seat: 21.5"W x 19"D

Back Height from Top of seat to Top of the Back: 35"

Backrest Recline Angle: 110 - 135 Degrees

Space Needed Between Chair and Wall: 17"

Space Needed Between Chairs: 8"

Features & Accessories:

Armrests are more streamlined and tapered to give it a modern flare and reduce bulkiness.

Chemical Resistant Glass Bowl

Remote is simply and easy to use for customers and nail technicians with graphic icons and displays.

Beautiful Oil Slick Glass Bowl & Powerful Jet

Streamlined Armrests 


  • Acetone Proof Armrests
  • Fold-able Hand Tray
  • Cup Holder
  • Phone Holder
  • 1 USB Port

Chemical Resistant Glass Bowl


  • 4 Gallon Capacity Tub
  • Chemical Resistant Glass Bowl
  • LED Color Light


Easy to Use Remote


  • Automatic Seat Adjustment (Forwards and Backwards)
  • Cutting Edge Noise Canceling Massage Technology
  • Automatic Recline


Pipeless Whirlpool System


  • Pipeless Whirlpool System
  • Pull-Out Sprayer
  • Luraco Jet
  • Oil Slick Glass Bowl


Footrest raises to enhance ease and accessibility when performing pedicures

The Florence footrest raises to enhance ease and accessibility when performing pedicures.


Option of Discharge Pump:

  • Wall Drain: If you have a Wall Drain, please make sure you select the Discharge Pump option, and we will build in discharge pump in your tub and have it fully assembled for you.
  • Floor Drain: If you use a Floor Drain, then you can opt out the discharge pump option and let the water drain by gravity. However, with a discharge pump, you can drain out water in the basin much faster. 
  • Our Recommendation: We strongly recommend you to prebuild the discharge pump in your tub for more flexibility and compatibility for both wall drain and floor drain. It is also a feature to improve our drain efficiency and safer to have.  
MAYAKOBA Pedicure Chair Build-in Discharge Pump for Wall Drain System


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