SWIFT Mobile Hair Coloring Trolley

berkeley SKU: XIT-HRTL-319-BLK

SWIFT Mobile Hair Coloring Trolley

berkeley SKU: XIT-HRTL-319-BLK
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A Hair Color Service Tray with Stand and Wheels

The SWIFT Mobile Hair Coloring Trolley is every hair colorists best friend with 4 removable color bowls, a waste receptacle, top workspace for salon implements, swift moving rubber wheels and a built-in foil dispenser. The gloss black ABS plastic is color and water proof so its perfect for any salon that does a high volume of color and chemical treatments. 

Details & Specifications:

  • Flexible & Convenient: Built with 4 large rubber wheels, you can move it easily anywhere around your styling station to your needs.

  • ŽDurable Construction: ABS plastic, stainless tube, chrome, plastic.

  • Suitable For Multiple Places: Versatile design, ideal for salons, shops, medical shops and dentists, it suits for commercial use, also fits for home application.

  • ŽSimple Stylish Design: A top tray for holder beauty tools, with handle and coming with 5 cup.

  • Great Organizer: Large top with 4 removable bowls and a foil cutter and dispenser.

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