Dermalogic Stainless Towel Warmer with UV Light Sterilizer 40L

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Dermalogic Stainless Steel Towel Warmer with UV Light Sterilizer - 40L

Latest in the Dermalogic Towel Warmer line comes the 40L, a double door stainless steel towel warmer. Designed for moderately-sized to large salons and spas, this is the larger capacity version of the popular 20L. This towel warmer features separate controls for the top and bottom cabinet so they can be operated independently. Each cabinet of this towel warmer heats to the optimal temperature every time and includes an auto-shutoff feature for convenience and safety. When fully loaded, this double towel warmer can hold up to 40 spa-size towels. As an added feature, this product uses UV light to sterilize the towels to keep your guests safe and your space clean and sterile. This towel warmer fits seamlessly in with salons that do massages, facials, spa salons, beauty salons, nail salons, gyms, home use and commercial use.

Specifications & Key Features

  • Capacity: 40L (40pcs hand towels 20"x30", 3oz/pc)

  • Stainless finish pull down door

  • Temperature: 150F to 170F

  • Input Power: 180W   

  • UV lamp power: 3W

  • Outside dim: 18”W x 23”H x 12”Deep

  • Inside dim for one chamber: 14.5”W x 9”H x 8.5”Deep

  • UL Certificate: Our towel warmer plug is UL listed standard. Gives your salon/home extra safety



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