Continuous Mist Spray Bottle For Hair, 12.2 Oz (2 Bottles)

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Continuous Mist Spray Bottle For Hair, 12.2 Oz (2 Bottles)

The Continuous Mist Spray bottle by Keen Essentials allows for one long Continuous spray - Pull the trigger a few times and then 1 pull will allow you to receive a full 3 second mist. The bottle allows for All Direction Spraying with 360 degree usage and smooth trigger function pump and works at any angle, including upside down. This bottle features a larger capacity at 360ml/12.2oz so that you don't have to refill as often.


  • Professional Look: Black top and clear bottom is attractive for any styling station, barber shop, salon indoor design or any room in your home.

  • Multipurpose: Ideal for hair styling, barber, makeup setting, skin freshening, home cleaning, gardening, ironing.

  • Ease of use: Just twist the cap open, fill with distilled water or your own solution, replace cap and pump the trigger several times until a super fine aerosol mist emerges. This hair mister bottle can be used and reused endlessly for all your beauty, cleaning and gardening needs.

  • Salon proven: This misting spray bottle is ideal for hairdressers & barbers and will add the perfect amount of moisture to your client's hair!


  • Weight: 0.27 Lbs

  • Width: 2.5"

  • Height: 10"

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