Three Unconventional (but Genius!) Ways to Attract New Clients

As society and technology change, so do the opportunities for meeting new clients. Service providers, like spas and salons, often find themselves competing with each other for the chance to get new people in the door, which results in tons of noise and overwhelm for decision-makers. The good news is there are plenty of different ways to cut through the noise and make a thoughtful, professional impression on your future guests. Here are our top three unconventional ways to attract new clients:


Networking in your city's Facebook group

More likely than not, your city, or a city near you, has a dedicated Facebook group. These groups are used to share community updates and events, source for opinions and recommendations, and on occasion introduce local businesses. While you may already see other service providers broadcasting their specials or services in these groups, there is still room for you to stand out! Consider the message the other stylists or spa professionals in town are sending. Are they simply posting their portfolio of work and telling people how to book appointments? Are they offering a special for new guests? This strategy is more of an “ask” approach. An "ask" approach is when you are asking the target audience to take action. In this case, they are asking their potential customers to book with them and to come in and spend money in their business. While there is nothing wrong with this, most customers have a “what is in this for me?” mindset.

Stand out from the other beauty professionals in town by using the “give” approach. The "give" approach is much more subtle, as it focuses on giving to the audience instead of boldly asking for a sale. The "give" approach could look like this: sharing a video of yourself explaining and demonstrating how to use a product from your company, sharing a checklist of how to find the most flattering hair color for your skin tone, or explaining the different ways to take care of your nails at home. In this approach viewers see you as an expert who is going out of your way to do them a favor!

Be sure to include your professional introduction and any relevant information in the caption and video so viewers can start to understand who you are and what you do. This is a genius way to stand out from all the other professionals and will elevate your brand. 


Celebrate new homeowners

Picture this: you just moved across the country and have landed in a brand new community. You have to find new doctors for the kids, a new grocery store to frequent, a new barbershop for your partner - you have no idea where to begin! You carry this feeling of overwhelm through the day. As you’re checking tasks off your to-do list, you head out to check the mail. While flipping through your letters, you notice a snazzy-looking envelope that says “welcome to the neighborhood!” You open it up to inspect it and see that the local spa has handwritten you a welcome note! The note includes a warm greeting, mention of all the local hotspots, like the best parks and shopping, and even a few restaurant recommendations. In the midst of the welcome letter, the spa introduces itself and invites you in with a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ special. What a nice surprise! Not only were you welcomed into the neighborhood, but you were given tons of great information to help you get acclimated. You check out their website and the rest is history!

You can find mailing address lists for new home buyers by purchasing a list via sources like Vistaprint, or even by checking out the “recently sold” section of your local real estate search engine. This method of meeting new guests is certainly unconventional, yet very personable. 


Host community meet-up groups

With the rise of the compartmentalized work-from-home lifestyle, it can be a challenge for people to connect. Get your name on the map by hosting community meet-up groups in your place of business or at a community event center. Consider hosting mom groups, dad groups, singles groups, business owner groups, or various interest groups. Hosting meet-ups doesn’t have to be expensive - you can team up with local restaurants and vendors who are also seeking to make impressions on potential clients. This is a great way to meet, mingle, and create interpersonal connections with new people. If your meet-up is a success, you can bet you’ll have people looking forward to them month after month. Send out invitations to your group meet-up via word of mouth or in the community Facebook groups or Eventbrite. This will foster a great, approachable reputation for your business and professional services. 


As you can see, there are many unique opportunities for attracting new guests. Thinking outside the box can be what sets you apart in the beauty industry. Making new clients is great - but at the end of the day, your personality and unique sense of connection with each individual are what keeps them excited to come back to your place of business. 

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