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As a beginner hairstylist or an independent beauty professional working in salon suites or studios is on the rise for the modern-day salon industry! It allows the stylist, nail technician or barber to have their own space and manage their own clients. One of the biggest advantages of a salon suite is that you can rent a space for your work and be your own boss instead of working as a commission stylist/technician. However, the space can be quite small, but don’t worry we are here to help provide you with some space – saving hacks that can help maximize your salon suite/studio space.

So, let’s get started on discussing some ways to maximize our salon space today!


Décor Style

Most of us have all heard the saying, “less is more” if you haven’t you are sleeping under a rock. Just kidding but seriously, the “less is more” saying becomes crucial when it comes to your décor style for you salon suite. Here are some options you can do for your salon to create the “less is more” minimalist look.


  1. Use of Mirrors

Mirrors are a salon essential it allows the stylist to be able to view their work in multiple angles. As well as giving the client the option to checkout their results of their new look. Furthermore, adding mirrors is a hack for creating the illusion of a bigger space. According to “ The Salon Business”, small spaces need all the light they can get while mirrors are a salon stable they can help reflect light creating more depth.

Sonoma Single Sink

white sink

Zoe Single Sided Styling Station

black styling station with mirror



  1. Use Light & Airy Colors

The fashion hack of wearing white gives the appearance of a bigger look rather than black gives off a slimming look. Crazy thing is, it is the same principle when it comes to décor and furniture style! In our blog article,  Salon Interior Design Trends & Colors for 2022 we mentioned that light and airy colors are considered calm and gentle. Having calm colors in your salon allows you to be more creative with color contracts and hues to add to your salon.

CALLIE Modern Styling Chair

 light grey styling chair

Truman Barber Chair

white and silver barber chair


  1. Bold Statement Piece

Adding an eye-catching statement piece can really help with contrasting with the light and airy colors. It adds a unique touch to your salon without having your salon look to busy. You can create this look by having a flashy color salon chair. It can really pull the look of your suite/studio together. If color daunts you can also add a spectacular artwork piece that fits your style!

Wilson Barber Chair

red barber chair

MILLA Styling Chair

pink beauty salon styling chair


Getting Rid of Bulky/ Unnecessary Items

When transitioning into a smaller space you need to understand that not everything can come with you to your new space. Therefore, being attached to certain items needs to be left at the door, unless you want to add more things that can create clutter, then hey be my guest. However, we are here to help assist you with maximizing your small space.

  1. Eliminate Items You Don’t Use

We all have some items we still carry that we are no longer using that we just keep around. However, once you simply get rid of that item or items you haven’t touched in months you will realize how much more space you can have by removing unused items out of your workspace for your salon.


  1. Downgrading Sizing Items

When you have huge items that take up majority of your space it limits the amount of room to add more because your item is extremely bulky. For example, instead of having a hooded dryer that takes up some room in your salon, maybe try adding a wall mounted hair dryer like our, LIBRA II Hair Dryer  that still gets the job done and that can create more space and flexibility.

comparison graphic


  1. Organize Your Space

Once you get rid of all the unnecessary items you once owned, and you downgraded sizes in your salon furniture and equipment, you are now ready to start organizing. Organization is key to having a cluttered-free salon. Try out different ways to arrange your salon that can work for you.


Multi-Functional Furniture Equipment

The importance of having multi-functional salon equipment or furniture is simply because you want to be able to use one item in many ways. Getting many uses out of one item that can do many things can help make your salon environment be more efficient.

  1. Helps Reduce Clutter

Getting furniture that serves multiple purposes can help reduce clutter because you don’t have to have several objects in your small salon space. For example, you can add an item, like our, TAYLOR Foldable Manicure Table that serves as two purposes which combines a manicure table and a trolley for storage together in one item. Instead of having just a manicure table and then needing to add a trolley for organizing your supplies, you can use just one manicure table and avoid using more items in your salon.

TAYLOR Foldable Manicure Table
foldable manicure table


  1. Cost- efficient

Just like the above example our, 2 In 1 Compact Mobile Manicure - Pedicure Chair is very similar with serving two purposes. This nail salon station serves as two purchases a manicure table and a pedicure chair for all kinds of nail services. It will not only save you tremendous space in your salon but also is a great item if you are shopping on a budget when starting your own at home nail salon business or nail studio. Therefore, adding multi-functional salon furniture can help with cost because instead of having to buy two items separately for each functionality, you can buy one multi-functional item for the cost of one item.

2 In 1 Compact Mobile Manicure - Pedicure Chair

2 in 1 compact nail salon station  

  1. Maximize Available Space with Storage

When searching for salons it is great when it comes with nice features like drawers and storage. Use those features to your advantage when creating more space. Great examples of salon furniture that has storage cabinets are,  Tattoo Workstation and Seneca Pedicure Trolley Cart .

 Tattoo Workstation 

tattoo cabinet with drawers

Seneca Pedicure Trolley Cart

white pedicure trolley cart




Hopefully these space saving hacks helped guided you in the right direction when it comes to maximize your space for your salon suite or studio!

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