Improving the Salon Experience with Hot Towels

Improving the Salon Experience with Hot Towels

Creating a relaxing and pleasurable salon and spa experience is a top priority for salon owners and beauty professionals.

Not only because this allows for a sterling reputation, but it will also more than likely turn a one-time visitor into a regular client.

One of the simplest ways to improve the salon experience is by using hot towels. Because they are an easy and affordable way to show your client you are willing to go the extra mile.

There are so many uses for the hot towel that it is an easy service to institute throughout the spa and salon experience. And here's a top tip. If you add a fragrance to the towels, you can turn a regular hot towel treatment into an aromatherapy experience.

What Are Hot Towels?

Simply put, they are towels that have been heated up. At home, you can heat your towels in hot water or microwave them for 30 seconds, but salons and spas use hot towel warmers or towel steamers.

Hot towel warmers are a cost-effective investment and a great way to heat multiple towels at once. Hot towels are used in therapy to relax the skin and muscles with heat, and when the dampness of the towel cools down, it has a refreshing effect. But remember, not too hot! You don't want to risk burning your client's skin.

The Many Uses of Hot Towels

  • Face: One of the first things you will be handed once you settle in for your facial is a hot towel. It helps the facial muscles relax, the skin to soften, and most importantly, the pores to open. This allows the therapist to remove dirt and oil and replace it with nourishing serums that can penetrate more easily and deeper into the client's skin.
  • Body: A nice heated towel can help ease sore muscles. The heat penetrates the skin and can dilate the blood vessels, relieving muscle tension.
  • Hair: Ending a haircut with a hot towel on your client's face is a fabulous finishing touch. The heated towel will help clean the itchy, stray hairs off their face and neck, leaving them feeling refreshed and clean.
  • Facial hair: Before a man has his face shaved, he is often given a hot towel. This helps to soften the facial hair and allows the therapist to get a cleaner, closer cut to the skin. Using a hot towel on other areas of the body that need a shave will also work wonders.

See the Dermalogic Towel Steamer 48 at work on the face here:

Benefits of Hot Towels

Offers Relaxation

Hot towels are often used to help a therapist by offering an experience that is refreshing and soothing. Hot towels can help the body relax and receive tension-reducing work more comfortably.

Calms the Nerves

Hot towels can calm the nervous system, dilate the vascular system, and increase circulation to an area.

This helps the muscle tissue to warm up and become more pliable for the therapist's work. And if the client has any tense muscles, the warmth a heated towel brings can help reduce any discomfort.

Reduces Tension

Some areas of a client's body may be prone to holding high amounts of tension, especially if they are not worked on often. A hot towel can precede the therapist's touch and start to work on the tissue or muscle.

You can think of it as just another weapon in their therapy toolbox. This helps give any sensitive areas time to acclimate to movement and changes in pressure.

Eases Pain

Hot towels can also help ease sore muscles, cramps, and pains. For example, a hot towel to the stomach can relieve pain from gas and cramps.

Adds to your Décor

Towel steamers don’t have to be all about function either. The Dermalogic towel steamer line is designed with style and finish in mind to compliment your salon décor nicely as you can see below.

Did you know that towel warmers and steamers can sterilize and sanitize your towels?

It’s true. The high heat used in towel warmers and towel steamers can sterilize your towels, ridding them of all possible bacteria and germs. Also, some towel warmers come with UV light. UV light does an exceptional job at sanitizing your towels as it can kill 99.99% of viruses. So, as you can see, offering your clients a hot towel as part of their experience has yet another benefit. Towel warmers and steamers can help with sanitization and keeping your salon and spa germ and virus free.

You can see that using hot towels in your spa or salon can go a long way in showing clients how much you care about the little details.

From nails and hair to massage and facials, make sure you add a heated towel to your client's experience. It tells them that you like to go the extra mile for them.

If you are looking to expand your hot towel uses at your spa or salon, take a look at the many great salon towel steamers and salon towel warmers we have on offer. Just make sure you narrow down the specifics you need for your salon to find the right towel warmer for your spa.

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