Choosing the Right Towel Steamers and Towel Warmers

Choosing the Right Towel Warmers and Towel Steamers

Going to a salon and spa is often about mental repose and relaxation. Salon owners know this, and they are always looking to extend the best experience possible to their clients - from soothing background music and quality products to warm towels and experienced professionals.

A simple way to improve the client experience at your salon, spa or barbershop is by using a towel steamer or towel warmer. Whether you offer warm towels before or after a treatment to your clients (for their face or body) you can guarantee this is a touch they will appreciate and remember.

With so many different options for salon towel warmers and salon towels steamers, making the best choice can be tricky. So, we want to help you find one that complements your salon's design and has the best functionality.

How to choose the right towel steamer and towel warmer cabinet:

Towel warmers are designed to be efficient, and they don't use a lot of power. The towel warmers and salon towel steamers look like a small cabinet or are cylindrical in shape; they plug into power and often have a timer and switch off when done. Here’s what to consider:

  1. Capacity: When choosing your towel warmer or towel steamer, a top consideration is your salon's size and if you will be warming bath towels or just face towels in the towel warmer or salon towel steamer. Commercial use warmers generally have a capacity for 24 face towels.
  2. Temperature: The maximum temperature that the salon towel warmer can create will affect your towel's temperature when out and ready for use by a client.
  3. Sanitization: In order to keep your towels bacteria-free, it may be an idea to choose a salon towel warmer with a built-in UV sterilizer, as UV light is known to kill bacteria.
  4. Size: Think about where you will be putting your towel warmer unit. How much space do you have in the salon or treatment room? How busy is your salon or barbershop and thus how many towels do you need sterilizing and warming up at a time? These answers will affect your choice. For more towels at a busy place, you will need a larger and higher capacity towel warmer or a towel steamer.
  5. Auto Shut-off feature: please also pay attention to this import feature, which means safety assured as well as energy saved.

        What's the difference between a Towel Warmer or Towel Steamer? 

        The difference is that these two types of appliances have different heating mechanisms.

        - Towel Steamers: These serve a “wet heat” by steaming the towels with moisture, so if you put a dry towel in, you will get a hot, wet towel out with a towel steamer. Their size and capacity vary from 48 towels to 480 towels. See example below:

          - Towel Warmers: These are electric only with a “dry heat” and without any steam generated. You will need to put a wet towel in to get a hot, wet towel out. But make sure it’s well wrung out and not too wet. Dripping water may damage the appliance. Some towel warmers will come with a hand water storage tray. They are also smaller in size and more affordable for small salons. See Example below:

          Some other aspects to consider:

          Knowing the full benefits of using hot face towels in your salon, above and beyond giving your clients a plush experience, will elevate your clients' experience in the following ways:

          • Relaxation: Heat therapy helps clients to relax during treatments.

          • Stretch marks and cellulite: Professionals believe heat therapy can prevent and reduce stretch marks and cellulite.
          • Blood circulation: Heat therapy is said to improve blood circulation, increase positive feelings, relax tight muscles, and soothe irritated endings.
          • Sensitivities: Hot towels are one way to treat the areas of the body that can't withstand pressure and friction due to injury.

          There are many great salon towel steamers and salon towel warmers on the market. Just make sure you narrow down the specifics you need for your salon or barbershop in order to find the right towel warmer for your spa.

          Check out what towel steamer or towel warmer might be right for you. 

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