Choosing the Best Shampoo Stations for Your Salon

Choosing the Best Shampoo Stations for Your Salon

Are you thinking about refurbishing or upgrading your salon? It might be a good time to invest in new shampoo stations. After all, this is the place where you and your clients will spend plenty of time.

When considering upgrading your shampoo backwash units, there are several factors to think about. These include size, comfort, design, and usability, to name a few.

On top of this, the sheer variety of shampoo stations available can often make it a tad overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best possible fit for your salon. So, to help you out, we take a look at 5 elements to consider when selecting your ideal new shampoo station.

1. Be Budget Wise

First and foremost, you’ll need to establish your budget available for shampoo units. Shampoo backwash units come in a wide range of price points. So, by setting your budget upfront, you can narrow down your list of choices. Understandably you may be on a tight budget. However, shampoo stations are not an area you want to cut costs. These are a crucial investment, and high-quality options can provide you with years of use.

2. Consider the Space

One of the next things you need to think about is space. How big is the spot that you’ve designated for the shampoo area? How many stations can comfortably fit in this area? Which way will the stations face? Is there enough room for you and your clients to move comfortably around the stations? Also think about if you’d like sleeker, smaller stations or larger, more spacious ones. Once you’ve mapped out the area, this will help you in your selection process.

3. Keep Design in Mind

Again, there are so many different designs and styles when it comes to a shampoo backwash unit. You can get anything from built-in shampoo bowls to portable, non-plumbed shampoo bowls. So which design is best for you and your clients? Do you want traditional lever-controlled chairs or electronic ones? Do you want ones that recline or are stationary? Today, most salons have modern backwash units, where the shampoo bowl and chair are connected.

4. Comfort is King

Most people come to a salon for a little pampering. They want to sit back and relax as they enjoy having their hair washed and their scalp massaged. There’s nothing worse than a client counting down the minutes until they can climb out of an uncomfortable chair at the shampoo station. This is why choosing a comfortable and plush option is well worth the investment. Whether it be for a quick shampoo or lengthy treatment, a client's time at the backwash unit has a huge impact on their overall experience. In fact, it may play a huge part in if they decide to come back or not.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Salons are often about the entire experience. And that includes the overall ambiance and decor of the space. You should choose a backwash station that complements your furniture, finishes, and aesthetics. It might be a good idea to choose a classic color like black or white that you can still use if you decide to redecorate again in the future. Also, think about choosing colors and materials that are hygienic and easy to clean.

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As we’ve mentioned, there’s a wide range of salon shampoo stations to fit every salon’s budget, space, and style. And, once you’ve considered these key features, you will be well on your way to making the best choice for both you and your customers.

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