Upgrade Your Pedicure Spa Chair To The Next Level With Shiatsulogic FX Massage Chair

Shop Salon City is thrilled to announce our new Shiatsulogic FX Massage Chairs which are now available to purchase on our website www.shopsaloncity.com! Made in Taiwan, this new chair is a game changer for pedicures and manicures spa massages, as it comes with several upgraded improvements compared to current massage chair models in the market. With its outstanding features, as well as a sleek and modern design, the new FX Massage Chair will elevate your nail salon to the next level! 

Here are 5 key reasons why the FX Massage Chair is the chair for your shop! 

  • Design 

Created by professionals in the nail and spa industry, each part of the Shiatsulogic FX Massage Chair is specifically and intrinsically designed to cater to the needs of the nail technician, while providing the necessary comfort for clients to sit and relax in. 

The chair possesses a patent “pistol” style armrest design, allowing it to be locked in any position because of its high tension, while making it easy to adjust, take off, or replace. The armrest also possesses both a poly coat and UV coat for extra protection from acetone, nail glue, and other chemical products that are exposed to the possibility of spilling onto the chair. The support of the armrest is made of polyethylene (PE) and the tray itself is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF). 

If the chair needs to be moved, the armrest can stay at any angle during the adjustment and can be taken off by loosening and removing the screw placed within the armrest, if necessary. The armrest also has a “slow close” feature, which prevents the armrest from slamming down when it is placed down. To design this armrest, we conducted over 1,000 different tests for the past 3-4 years. The current under-patented design is the 6th version. 

The hand tray is built 8 mm (about 0.31 in) wider than regular hand trays in the market, allowing for more working space for a manicure to be given simultaneously with the pedicure.  

The FX Massage Chair top can recline up to 130 degrees, which is further than any other chair on the market, while also coming in 6 distinct color options for the cover set. The colors include Black, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Copper, Grey and White.  

Unlike most of the other massage chairs in the market that have a black back cover on the backrest, the FX massage chair’s white back rest greets any trendy cushion color with a neat and cleaner look. The cover set is designed to cradle the body, while the seat is 1 inch higher in the front to support the thighs. 

The massage chair is made up of high-quality double layer of PU leather and high-density foam for the cover set. And, while most of the pedicure massage chairs have cheap plastic parts in their general product build, the Shiatsulogic FX Massage Chair was designed to have its key parts made of stainless steel or metal material to last at least two times longer than the generics. 

The overall design of the FX Massage Chair offers a unique modern aesthetic for your nail salon or spa. 




  • Comfort 

The ensure that the comfortability of the chair is top tier for clients, the FX Massage Chair has improved massage functionality. The rollers are placed on the inside of the back rest, has increased intensity, and offers more options for a targeted massage for the clients. The rollers can reach and massage the lower back, which no other chairs on the market can do, and can also stick out from the back of the chair, allowing for a deeper massage. 

An embedded remote is built into the right side of the armrest to control the massage settings, which include tapping, kneading, knocking, and combination (kneading and tapping). Not only is the massage more intense, but it can also massage down to the client’s lower back/waist, while reclining all the way back with a range of 105-130 degrees.  

  • Acetone-proof, Durability, and Liability  

To ensure that our clients feel like they made the right investment, our manufacturer in Taiwan made it a priority to ensure that they create a chair that is comfortable and durable. With poly and UV coating from acetone, nail glue, and other chemicals, the FX Massage chair has improved acetone resistance and is scratch resistant on the cover set, trays, and armrest, making it one of the top brands in the market when it comes to acetone resistance.  

New technology has been applied to the high-quality leather of the chair, creating a longer life of usage and allowing it to be completely scratch resistant from objects such as keys, rings, and other everyday items. While other chairs on the market have 2 years of durability with their leather cushions, the leather on the FX Massage Chair will stay in peak condition for a span of 3-5 years.  

A built-in purse hook also resides on both sides of the chair, and can hold up to 39 lbs. A USB port is also installed near the back of the armrest, and a built-in transformer allows the chair to be operatable Worldwide with appropriate socket adapters. The massage function motor has a life span of 5,000+ hours, and the cover set has a lifetime of 1 -2 years because of its double layer fabric. The FX Massage Chair also has a two-year warranty 

  • Safety and Convenience 

The FX Massage Chair features provide easy maintenance, convenience, and safety. The remote control has a restore function that allows for a more streamlined, cleaning, and closing process. The chair is easy to service with one screw to remove for the armrest, 4 screws to remove for the back, and 4 more screws to remove from the PC board. The “pistol” patent design armrest prevents harmful free falling upon lifting up and down.  


An optional remote control button can be installed on the pedicure tub, allowing for nail technicians to easily adjust the FX Massage Chair for their client without having to reach for the remote control on the armrest during their pedicure service process.  

  • Saving Cost 

The FX Massage Chair is easy to put together with the cushion parts, armrest, chair back, and PCB box. The modular design is simple to replace for most of the parts, so instead of purchasing a new chair, you can simply replace the major parts for this FX chair when there’s any tear and wear happens after years of usage, and this makes the chair more cost efficient. Overall, the quality is consistent, requires less service, and comes at a reduced cost.  



Adding the new FX Massage Chair to your nail salon or spa will have your clients satisfied and will provide a new level of massage capabilities, all while remaining safe for daily use for years to come! Get yours today by visiting our website, www/shopsaloncity.com

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