5 Best Pedicure Spa Chairs 2021

List of the most popular pedicure spa chairs for nail salons
We have spent over 40 years helping salon owners and professionals select the best, high-quality products for their businesses. We understand what features make products bestsellers and why people like them. We are excited to share the following Top 5 pedicure chairs for sale – available now on ShopSalonCity.
Each is a standout product that provides fantastic functionality and look just as great while also helping you add tons of value to your salon. Be sure to contact our expert customer service team if you have any questions.  

Best Pedicure Chair #1: FLORENCE Shiatsulogic LX Pedicure Chair  

Our FLORENCE Shiatsulogic LX Pedicure Chair is our number one crowd favorite. Why?  It features full-function Shiatsulogic capabilities and a high-end beautiful authentic glass bowl. In its latest upgraded design, it includes additional features like manicure trays, cup holders, phone holder, USB port, and a purse hook. You can choose from five assorted leather cushion cover sets for your top chair, including Black, Deep Red, Coffee, Storm Grey, and Cappuccino. The FLORENCE includes three tub options, each of which will make a stunning statement for any upscale nail salon or the everyday, local nail salon. Many customers will agree that the FLORENCE best fits with a high-end theme because of its shining authentic glass bowl and luxurious massage chair functionalities.

Best Pedicure Chair #2: SIENA Shiatsulogic EX Pedicure Chair

Another popular pedicure spa chair is the SIENA Shiatsulogic EX Pedicure Chair. The flounce design makes the SIENA basin look like an elegant lotus leaf, standing it out from other regular tubs. The SIENA tub is not only famous for being fantastically good-looking –– it is also made of high-tech fiber glass, which makes it very sturdy and chemical resistant. The SIENA EX Pedicure Chair comes in six stunning cushion colors to fit in with a wide range of salon decors.

Best Pedicure Chair #4: DIVA Deluxe Pedicure Chair

Our high-end pedicure spa The DIVA Deluxe Pedicure Chair is a true salon show stopper. The Diva massage chair has extended the back-massage functions further to arm massage. Another key feature of this high-quality massage pedicure chair is seat control buttons on the tub. This considerate feature allows the pedicure technician to adjust the seat recline degree easily and move the top chair forward or backward to the best position without standing up –– a perfect combination of functionality and technician comfort!

Best Pedicure Chair #5: Kid Pedicure Spas

Here’s a fun business-building tip: Why not encourage busy moms to come to your salon more often for the relaxation they need –– while bringing their kids in for a treat, too? These cute, best-selling Kid Pedicure Spas can help boost your traffic by solving your clients’ babysitting headaches. Our Kid Pedicure Spas are well-themed with the most famous Disney characters from the Mermaid, the Minion, Sleeping Beauty, the Frozen princesses, and more!
Blue Kitty - Kid Pedicure Chair