Pedicure Chair With Massage: The Exquisitely Detailed LOTUS II


One of our customers’ all-time favorite pedicure chair with massage, LOTUS by Mayakoba, is more stunning than ever with two new models, LOTUS II LX and LOTUS II EX-R. Both pedicure chair options feature upgraded Shiatsulogic technology delivering ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet massage capabilities for a truly premium customer experience.

But it’s way more than just upgraded massage capabilities that make LOTUS II one of the hottest massage pedicure chairs for sale today. Exquisitely detailed with a luxurious modern look, LOTUS II is available in a wide range of cushion colors with three beautifully lotus-shaped tub options: Black/Gold, Grey/Crystal, and White/Black. Each Lotus II tub is made of chemical-resistant fiberglass with resin bowl and features a magnetic jet pipe-less whirlpool system.

Pedicure Chair with Massage For Sale

The top-of-the-line LOTUS II LX massage pedicure chair takes luxury even further. Special client touches include a personal bag holder, USB port, built-in remote control, and tufted leather seating.

Pedicure Massage Chair

    • Pre-installed discharge pump for easy set-up
    • Autofill functionality
    • Air ventilation system
    • Magnetic wet end jet head with LED light ***Exclusive to LOTUS II***

And, you can add a matching pedicure stool for FREE!

So, which LOTUS II option may work best for you? Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison:

Pedicure Chair with Massage Comparison

Redefine your pedicure spa experience with ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet massage and a modern, comfortable design that makes a statement. Shop luxury with special pricing on LOTUS II LX and LOTUS II EX-R today.

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