Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for HIM

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Father’s Day is coming quicker than ever, which means the time is now to start shopping for that perfect gift for the father figures in your life! Why not spark up the Father’s Day gifts with gifting him with something that can benefit their everyday lives? Whether he is a barber, tattoo artist, or any other salon professional you can gift him with his everyday work essentials. ShopSalonCity is here to make sure our fathers are thought of and appreciated, check out our list of the Top 8 Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for 2022 to gift your “Best Dad of The Year”


  1. Neck Strip Rolls


The Keen Essentials Neck Strips are the everyday essentials for professional services like haircuts and facials. This is the perfect gift for any salon professional who has a busy barbershop or studio and can allow him to better service his clients by protecting them from loose hair and liquid drips during a facial or waxing services.


  1. Sanitizer & Disinfectant Barbicide Jar

The Sanitizer & Disinfectant Glass Barbicide Jar is a needed necessities to keep clients safe by disinfecting the barber or tattoo artist tools. Every barber needs a salon disinfectant jar for their everyday use. Gifting them with a new sanitizer and disinfectant jar can assist with helping with their everyday work life.


  1. Barber Pole

Gifting him with a classic barber pole accessory to add to his barbershop or any area for décor purposes is always cool gift to have. Our classic barber shop pole has an acrylic cover and LED lights that can last for many years for both indoor and outdoors. The barber pole also comes with mounting accessories for easy and quick installation for him.


  1. Tattoo Pen Kits

Gifting your dad that is a tattoo artist or an inspired tattoo artist then he will love this gift! Our tattoo artist kit comes with 10 pieces which includes (1 Tattoo Pen, 1 Digital Display Power Supply, 1 Power Cable, 1 Black Pedal, 20 Tattoo Needles [1003RL.1205RL.1207RM.1009M1 five each], 5 Sheets of Transfer Paper, 1 Small Thickening Practice Leather, 2 Nonslip Bandage [,0.98" x 177", or 2.5x450cm] 1 Large Glove, and 1 Tattoo Toolbox [13"x10.6"x3.1", or 33x27x8cm]


  1. Towel Steamer

The Dermalogic Towel Steamer 48 is a known must – have for salons, barbers, and spas. This towel steamer has 12 shelves to hold up to 48 towels at a time to steam and sanitize allowing the barber to work more efficiently. The features include a light indicator to know when to refill the water level, and auto shut-off feature for safety reasonings. The temperature can be adjusted to 90 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with a 1 – year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  1. Madison Barber Chair

Surprise that special man in your life with a barber chair for his salon/suite would literally be the best gift any dad that is barber could have! We recommend choosing the Madison Barber Chair has gift to give although we have many other options to choose from. The Madison Barber Chair is an extremely durable, versatile, comfortable, and stylish reclining chair. Its classic vintage style design is surely what gives a touch of high-class retro style to any salon/studio. This barber chair has durable steel and polished vinyl upholstery. It also has the capabilities to recline up to 45 degrees and has an adjustable head rest which will provide clients an overall comfortable experience. The heavy-duty pump and plate support up to 660lbs. Make this year special for him with the memorable Madison Barber Chair!


  1. Tattoo Chair and Stool


For our fathers that are tattoo artist professionals the Parker Tattoo Chair and Stool is the perfect gift for any tattoo artist. This is a guarantee MUST HAVE product for tattoo artist and it offers everything you need to complete a tattoo session in one package. The chair/bed can adjust from a “chair position” to a “flat position”. The headrest and armrest are removable and comes with a face cutout under the pillow. This chair can be used for many purposes because of its versatile capabilities.  The chair/bed is 72 inches long, 25 inches wide and 26 inches high and hold 300lbs of weight. In addition, it comes with an adjustable, rolling stool, a sanitary paper holder and storage drawers.


  1. All-Purpose Salon Chair

Every man needs a sturdy chair that can be use for multiple purposes. Our Hudson All Purpose Chair is the chair he needs! The chair is design have a futuristic tone combined with a classic salon feel. It can recline 60 degrees and sits on a heavy-duty hydraulic chrome pump that raises the chair 6 chair.

Hopefully our Father’s Day Gift Idea Guide gives you some inspiration and motivation to buy the perfect gift for him to express how much you love, care, and appreciate the special men in your life!






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