Nail Salon Furniture Buying Trends Due to Covid-19

Nail Salon Furniture Buying Trends - Mid-Year 2020

Manicure Tables & Pedicure Spas

Covid-19 Nail Salon Furniture Buying Trends

Quarantine hasn’t just changed everyday life. Extended stay-at-home orders have also impacted how people are approaching running their businesses – many times in surprising ways. In the case of nail salon owners and techs, Covid-19 is driving new trends in the salon furniture they’re buying to furnish their workspaces.

As the nail industry slowing gets back to work across the nation, our industry experts are seeing a dramatic increase in purchases of single-client/tech manicure tables and pedicure spas.

Why the uptick in purchases?

Many salon pros (maybe even you) are navigating one of the following scenarios:

Nail Salons Are Adding Additional Workstations to Handle Client Overflow.

After weeks, sometimes months of quarantine, clients are clamoring for manicures and pedicures – not just for the beauty they bring, but because they represent a return to normalcy! This influx of appointments has created an workload overload in salons across the country. To help serve more clients in a rush for service, many salon owners are adding one or two single manicure tables and/or pedicure chairs that either match or complement their existing furniture sets.

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Salon Professionals Are Renting Space or Are Opening Home-Based Salons.

COVID-19 has caused many salon professionals to reevaluate where and how they work. Many are opting to rent their own private space to set their clients at ease away from a crowd. Others are navigating local and state regulations so that they can set up work-from-home solutions for more operational flexibility – and potential stability. To furnish their new workspaces, these salon pros are turning to single manicure tables and smaller footprint, easy-to-set-up pedicure spas.

If either of the above sounds familiar, let’s take a look at your options.

What Are the Best Manicure Table Options?

Most manicure tables are similar – except in an all-important way… individual style! The most significant difference is whether the table features venting and/or exhaust capabilities, which will affect pricing. Single client/tech manicure tables on Shop Salon City run from around $300 for on-sale items to upwards of $500. For pros looking for salon furniture that follows today’s hottest trends, check out the all-new NOVA collections, which feature super-fresh design accents like lab marble and wood grain details.

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What Are the Best Pedicure Chair Options?

Pedicure chairs come in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and features. Just like manicure tables, individual taste will dictate a large portion of a purchase decision. But ease-of-set up is also a big consideration ­– especially for salon pros going out on their own either in a rented space or are opening a home-based salon. In this case, a pedicure chair without plumbing is a smart option.

Pedicure chairs without plumbing are convenient for a few reasons:

  • They don’t require access to a piped water supply.
  • They are perfect for situations where adding plumbing fixtures isn’t allowed (in a rented space) or it’s too expensive and time-consuming to add plumbing (a salon workspace at home).
  • They provide the flexibility to rearrange the look of a nail salon without having to remove and then reinstall pipes.

There’s no doubting the fact that the COVID-19 crisis has changed the world. The salon industry is no different. As salon owners and techs continue to finding their footing in this new normal, buying patterns will continue to change – from investing in personal and client protection products to a strategic shift in nail salon furniture purchases to take advantage of opportunity.

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