Fall Trends for Your Salon

Fall - everyone’s favorite time of the year! The crisp, fresh air, the seasonal activities, the pumpkin flavored everything, and exciting autumn trends! What’s on-trend this season? Check out our list!



Autumn Hair

It’s no secret - everyone loves a good copper tone to ring in the season! We’re seeing hues of red ranging from pale copper all the way to deep, dramatic scarlet. A good Demi-permanent color is the best route to go if you find your blondes wanting to change up their crowning glory since it will be easier to lighten them back up in the spring. For darker haired gals who want an autumn refresh, pops of color using subtle balayage is a small way to make a huge impact!

Autumn Cosmetics

Maroon, deep reds, and brown-based pinks are a simple way to transition from sunshine and summer to earlier evenings and changing leaves. Allow your salon guests to sample a fall color palette by setting up a station where your team can give them a fall inspired makeo

Autumn Skincare

When the weather cools, our skin tends to get flaky, itchy and dry; one not-so-fab truth about the changing temperatures. More often than not, it is helpful to use a heavier moisturizer than usual to combat seasonal dehydration. If you retail skincare in your salon or spa, we suggest recommending a night cream to your clients. For extreme dryness, night cream can also be applied in the morning for an extra dose of moisture and to lock in all the essential hydration. Body lotion with hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient is an excellent way to retain moisture as it binds h2o molecules deep into the skin. 


Autumn Fashion

Switch up your salon dress code to celebrate the season! If you typically require business casual or all black attire, consider allowing chunky fall sweaters, boots, jeans, or fashion-forward flannels to set the tone. Even soft brim hats are an exceptional touch of autumn.


Autumn Decor

The quickest way to set the vibe for the new season is by adding fall-inspired décor! We love browsing through Homegoods or TJ max to find a few statement pieces to update our space. Keep up with the holidays by simply switching out your waiting area throw pillows, adding some table top accents to your checkout desk, and anything else that you feel inspired by!


Autumn Upgrades

Nothing kills the vibe faster than torn, worn, or outdated salon equipment. No matter what fun things you have going on in your salon, don’t let bad equipment steal the show. Some of our favorite upgrades with hints of fall are our HUGO Pedi and Mani Technician Stool, Milla Beauty Salon Styling Chair, and Glasgow. Here’s why: these pieces create a timeless canvas for any season. 

The Milla Beauty Salon Styling Chair is uniquely elegant. The side view displays an angular curve along the back with precision stitching. This hair styling chair enhances any salon décor with its sleek high quality professional grade upholstery. It comes complete with a polished gold hydraulic base, footrest, and lever. The Milla salon styling chair comes in black, white, and pink, making it a wonderful option for high-end salons. 

The Hugo Pedi and Mani Technician Stool is also elegant, ergonomic, and adds a touch of class to any spa or salon. It will support the nail technicians with a comfortable, flexible seating option that also provides great lumbar support. Even if you have a long busy day, this salon technician stool's firm back keeps your spine in proper form and the padded seat cushion keeps you comfortable through every session. The five wheels make it easy to scoot closer to your client or to slide around the salon. The salon pedicure/manicure stool polished chrome frame and sleek design will fit in any chic salon, and the acetone-resistant vinyl cushions will prevent spills or drips from ruining your stools.

The Glasgow Manicure Table is a classic. It features a frosted glass top and a glossy white or black enamel base. This manicure table is recommended for salons with lux, high-end decors, and bright color palettes. The fan is also included to keep nail dust collected and under control so your manicures can stay clean and professional. This table has been described as "just what I needed" and "a joy to use" and we think you'll say the same. 

As you can see - there’s no wrong way to ring in the autumn season! Which trend are you adding to your list? 


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