6 Reasons You Should Consider Setting Up A Home Salon

Setting Up A Home Salon

As a salon professional, you’re lucky to have options in these unprecedented times. They say that entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and, as economies gradually reopen, people are looking for ways to go out on their own in all types of industries. Where you might have lost opportunities due to COVID-19 and social distancing, you can look to create a stronger future by setting up your salon business in the comfort of your home.

Here are six reasons to consider opening a home salon:

#1. You don’t want to put you and your clients’ health at undue risk

Despite stay-at-home orders lifting and talks of vaccine development underway, the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is still there. While many public places have started opening up, many are at limited capacity to reduce the chances of becoming hotspots for coronavirus infections. However, no amount of safety measures can give you a 100% guarantee of safety amid the pandemic. Instead of working at a busy commercial location, working at home allows you to provide a valuable service to your clients, delivering a much more private, one-on-one salon experience.

#2. You want to set your own hours and workload

When you’re working for someone else, or in a standard work environment, you don’t get to choose the hours you work or how much work you have to do. That fact might bug many people who enjoy their independence and can make something that you are passionate about start to feel like a chore.

Another fantastic reason you might want to consider opening a home-based salon is setting your hours and how much you work. It will help you get a better work-life balance and keep your passion for the work untainted.

#3. You want to save money

There are plenty of costs when you have a location in a commercial space. Bills for different utilities and increasing rent can substantially eat into your profits.

Having a home-based salon gives you the chance to cut down costs drastically. You can focus on more business-related expenses like better equipment with extra client perks—no extra expenses for rent or utilities other than what you already pay for your home. And, in many cases, the expense of “renting a space at home” can be deducted for tax purposes. Just be sure to speak with a Certified Public Accountant or financial advisor for details specific to your situation.

#4. You want control over your career

A significant reason why many people are looking to move their salon business home is that they’ve lost their jobs. Unemployment is rampant – and millions are at risk of losing their jobs due to the pandemic’s continued impact.


“Though I’ve been in the business a long time and have a lot of clients, I still lost my job because of Covid-19. To put my skills to work, I opened a salon in my home, mostly to help out the people in my neighborhood.” Hair Stylist – Houston, Texas. Read more.

With a home-based salon, you will be your own boss. In a way, you already work for yourself. You are responsible for finding and keeping clients happy. Using your highly marketable skills, you are the one who makes them look and feel their best. Opening your own business allows you to take advantage of this fact – giving you peace of mind that it’s you who controls your career.

#5. You want to express your style

By definition, you bring beauty to the world with your talent and skills. It’s only natural that you’d love to express your creativity by building a unique space that’s all your own. By moving the business you love to the comfort of your home, you get the best of both worlds – home décor and salon styling all rolled up in one! Google “home salons ideas” and find some inspiration. Then, set your sights on making your workspace vision reality.

#6. You want to keep earning

Last but not least, A home-based salon will help you maintain your business, retain valuable clientele, and keep your income going. Pandemic or not, your clients need (and desperately want!) your services – but many are rightfully avoiding crowds. With fears of safety still rampant for the foreseeable future, larger commercial locations will continue to suffer – and so will your paycheck.

By offering your services in your home’s privacy and safety, you can help set your clients at ease. In doing so, you can help deepen the trust they have in you to be there when they need you – and continue earning along the way.

How To Start A Salon At Home

How to Get the Essentials

As a salon professional looking to begin a home-based setup, you will need the right tools of the trade to provide an excellent service. That is where the experts at  ShopSalonCity come in. From salon furniture to equipment essentials, we have it all at our online store location.

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