4 Tips To Improve Your Salon’s Guest Experience

Did you know that a happy and satisfied client will share their good experience with at least 9 other people? So, if you work hard on improving your salon experience your clients will do the marketing for you. Here are 4 ways to improve your salon’s guest experience.

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1. Reward Your Loyal Customers

 It’s hard to maintain every client that steps foot into your salon so when you shift your focus on finding ways to maintain the loyal customers you already have can help create consistency with your clientele coming into your salon/spa. According to Bain & Company, reported that, “it cost 6 to 7 times for a company to obtain a new customer versus retaining an existing one.” It is quite difficult to have guarantee that every new customer would come to again for your services or not. However, a customer that visits you on regularly might be satisfied with your services. Customers that are your regulars are more likely to refer your business to others. Therefore, you can offer some sort of incentive loyalty program to keep them wanting to stick around at your salon while benefiting both individuals.

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 2. Ask For Feedback

The best way to know if the experience you are providing is great is by asking your clients to provide their feedback. By showing them that their opinion matters if they have any issues, ensuring them that you will solve them lets your customer know you care about them. That provides a more personal connection to their experience rather than a transactional connection, that just wants to make money from them. When you listen to their feedback make sure to implement the change they suggested if possible. 

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3. Be Present on Social Media

People are always on their phones searching or browsing for information they are interested in. Social media is a powerful tool for sharing information like your services, customer’s testimonies and more. There is no better FREE way to market your business than using the power of social media to target your ideal customers. You should be active on social media most of the time so your clients won’t forget about you and so you can reach more clients as well!

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4. Enhance Your Brand/Salon Reputation

As a salon owner when you invest in upgrading your salon with quality services, products, and furniture it shows you care about the presentation of your salon and provides an ultimate experience for your clients. Your clients won’t compromise on the quality of the services provided at your salon or spa when they believe you invested in it and as well with others providing their experience while being in your salon/spa. This strategy helps strengthen the salon by enhancing its reputation and providing more of a lifestyle destination rather than just simply getting a service.

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