Salon Interior Design Trends & Colors for 2022

Another year, another trend to hop on! Stay up to date on what will be trending for the new year to have a salon upgrade. A simple change of color, material, and design can help enhance the look of your salon for the new year.

camel salon chairs in salon

Color Trends

The color trends of 2022 are affected by the recent events the world has been facing as far as coping with a global pandemic. The top designers are testing out new set of colors for this year new trends. Therefore, we can agree that most of the world is burnt out and we all are craving some form of simplicity.

According to “99designs Team”, this year we are going for a more subtle, toned-down, and muted shades that gives off a softer touch rather than the loud colors that dominated previous year designs.

Let’s get into the colors that will be trending everywhere in 2022!

  1. Light and Airy

Calm colors are shaping up the year for a feeling of calm and gentle. We have added many new colors recently to widen our options in our light and airy color category. Having calm colors in your salon opens the door for creativity to play with other color contrasts and hues. The colors we offer are pink, white, grey, and more. “For example, our Callie Modern Salon Chair, Bramley Styling Chair, and Truman Barber Chair are all great additions to have to your salon to build up your salon aesthetic.

Callie Modern Styling Chair

Bramley Styling Chair

pink salon chair


Truman Barber Chair

 light grey barber chair


  1. Earthy Tones

Earthy tones however give off the vibe of a rustic territory, creating a nature- lover vibe that feels calming and refreshing. Earthy tones are also considered muted colors that can help salons stand out based on the message and overall values of the brand. These colors can perpetrate a more thoughtful, natural, and organic approach that can help assist you in communicating correlating values. According to “Globe News Wire”, “in general, warmer earth tones like burnt orange and tan continue to feature prominently in interiors and are slated to remain popular. Our examples for salon equipment are; Stanley Shampoo Backwash Unit  & Milla Styling Chair and J&A Euro Salon Technician Stool- Manicure or Pedicure.

Stanley Shampoo Backwash Unit & Milla Beauty Salon Styling Chair

camel shampoo station and styling chair

J&A Euro Salon Technician Stool- Manicure or Pedicure (in Cappuccino, Orange & Orange Red)

 Salon Technician Stool- Manicure or Pedicure - greenSalon Technician Stool- Manicure or Pedicure - orange

  1. Pop Of Color

There is nothing wrong with a little POP of color! Adding an attention grabber color can really catch the eye for clients and can help make your salon standout from the rest. Colors like red and pink are good colors to corporate in your salon this year.

Wilson Barber Chair

 red barber chair


UMI Salon Pedicure Stool

 pink pedicure stool

Adding a combination of gold or rose-gold highlights to some of the popular colors or even traditional black or white will also be appealing to the eye, giving salons a pop of style. Take a look at how these colors mixed perfectly with these salon chairs.


Milla Beauty Salon Styling Chair


McKinley Barber Chair

 black and gold barber chairblack and rose gold barber chair

  1. White

With the new year, many salon owners would go for some fresh light colors to make a presence for their salon. White gives off the appearance of a fresh, new, simplistic yet, modern look. Our Fedora II Pedicure Chair is great option for the all-white look.


 white pedicure chair

  1. Black

Black will always be one of the most popular go-to colors because it is safe and a practical color for all types of salons. To make the color black more attractive we have added some different layers and shade options to our best sellers.

For example, for our nail salon and pedicure chairs, we now offer a black base and galaxy bowl for our best performing product, SIENA EX-R Pedicure Chair.  We also have a black base and grey bowl for ALESSI II SHIATSULOGIC LX Pedicure Chair.

SIENA EX-R Pedicure Chair

 black and white pedicure chairblack pedicure chair


 black pedicure chair

Another example is our barber products, Adams Barber Chair, an all-matte black frame which makes it stand out from the crowds, as well as give it a high-end touch of sophistication. It is different from most because it is a change from the traditional chrome frames on most barber chairs.

Adams Barber Chair

matte black barber chair

Style Trends 

Being on trend isn’t just about the new trendy color nowadays it is the overall design and pattern of an item that helps make your salon be more relevant. 

Furthermore, let’s discuss the style trends that you’ll be seeing taking over 2022!


  1. ‘70s Retro

The saying “history repeats itself” is the same for certain trends as well. Trends do come and go but more than often they come back for that “COME- BACK”! The old ‘70s retro style, gives off that unique balance between comfort, nature vibes, boho, and glam. The wall- to-wall shag carpeting and over exaggerated use of knick-knacks came from modern Scandinavian style that is in today’s décor and furniture. Some of our 70s inspired items we offer is our barber chairs, pedicure chairs, nail salon chairs, and manicure tables.

barber salon with retro barber chairs

Salon: Shilla Barber Shop


  1. Antique Style

This trend seems to never fade because it brings meaning and a creative touch to your shop or salon. The older looking the better when aiming for the vintage style look. Antique items deliver an experience that most modern-day barber chairs cannot offer. For example, our Wilson, Madison & Truman are great options for an antique/vintage style with modern day features.

black barber chair in salon

Salon: Cutters Gentlemen Lounge 

  1. Curvy

The sharp clean-cut lines of mid-century modern will always be in but more than not we are seeing a shift in furniture silhouettes, with curved edges rising on the come up. The designer, Linda Hayslett of LH.Designed states, “curves are both feminine and forgiving, which makes a room feel instantly more cozy and safe. If you want to incorporate some bold colors into a room, curves make for the perfect combo, as they lend so well to big, bold designs.” Some curvy shaped items we offer currently, include the Milla Styling Chair, Hudson Salon Chair, Austen All Purpose Chair, & J&A Euro Salon Technician Stool Manicure or Pedicure.


Milla Beauty Salon Styling Chair

 black & gold curvy styling chairs

Salon: Empress Hair Club

With these hot new colors to add and styles to cooperate in your salon can really help your salon look from blah to awe. Elevate and upgrade your salon for the new year and get on board with enhancing your salon for the new year to set your salon on FIRE!

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