Pedicure Spa Chair Optional Add-Ons

Pedicure Spa Chair Optional Add-Ons


Nail salon pros know that the perfect pedicure spa chair sets the stage for providing first-rate service, client comfort, and an unforgettable salon experience. What you may not know is that chairs can be customized with optional features that help deliver the perfect fit, function-wise, too.

Our full line of pedicure spa chairs features three fantastic optional add-ons. The LOTUS II, an upgraded version of our customer-favorite Lotus Pedicure Spa Chair, offers FOUR custom options.Let’s take a look at each option, and how each can improve or enhance your daily operations.

Pedicure Spa Chair Optional Add-Ons

Discharge Pump: “Down The Drain” Fast, In A Good Way

Available On All Models

Who wants to wait for a tub to drain? Discharge pumps greatly improve your drain efficiency and work great for spas with either a wall drain or floor drain. Just be sure to opt-in for a pump at purchase. We provide complete installation prior to shipping, making set-up on your end super easy.

Autofill Functionality: Fill ‘Er Up, Nice And Easy

Available On All Models

Turn on the water, then go grab your customer a cup of coffee! Using a sensor, autofill functionality fills your tub to the perfect depth ­– and saves you from worrying about embarrassing overflows. Please take note, though: this functionality isn’t compatible with disposable liners.

Air Ventilation System: Keep Things Fresh

Available On All Models

Professional air vents direct air outside your building, helping keep your salon or spa smelling clean and inviting. These vents should be connected to your building’s exhaust or ventilation system to ensure proper operation.

Magnetic Wet End Jet Head with LED Light: Exclusive to LOTUS II

Beautiful and simple to use, the LOTUS II features a modern design and advanced Shiatsulogic massage functionality. But you can also choose to take your pedicure service capabilities to a whole new level with a magnetic wet end jet head illuminated by alternating LED lighting! The magnetic wet jet provides a soothing whirlpool effect for a better client experience while also making it easier to clean and sanitize your equipment.

Check out the  LOTUS II LX and LOTUS II EX-R, two of our customers’ FAVORITE pedicure spa chair models. Which add-on options would work best for you? :-)